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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by bigviclbi, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. bigviclbi

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    I went to an estimate the other day, they call me 3 hours later ask if I have it ready. I actually had done it and gave them a price, immediately the lady asks me if I can do better. This will be my third year and i am very busy , usually I would have cut a couple hundred off. Instead I say"Yeah, I CAN do better, it will be three hundred dollars more. There was a pause and I said "Hello, did you hear me and the phone went dead" :) :) Made my week, I will no longer negotiate with potential clients, I've had enough!
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  3. mbella

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    Vic, business is about negotiating. If you don't want to negotiate then simply tell the customer no. Tell them you didn't allow any room for negotiating in your price. No big deal.
  4. bigviclbi

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    Mbella, negotiating to me means can you give a better price if we delete something...not give us this for less. Believe me i am very reasonable, i gave an old lady an estimate today to do a cleanup for 250 dollars, barely worth my time but she is getting her knees replaced next week. I just get mad when people blatantly want money off literally seconds after I give them a price. Why did I give them a price in the first place? maybe its the 13 hour days this week, but gee whiz.....
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    Hey that was a "great line. but you must of been alittle feed up?"...My standard responce is that I always give my best price 1st!...When your in the mood ask them what they had in mind?....Say i gave a fert. price of $300.00 to feed the shrubs & they wanted a lower price.....I'd than offer them a foliar feed for $50.00 less[ that would reduce my labour by alot, reduce my materials, and save themselves $50.00 bucks]...I guess we'd all win?- regards Saxon payup payup
  6. spoolinaround

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    I usually look at the estimate and say ok, I can knock off $xx.xx or so and just not use the item that costs the amount of the discount
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    I usually will give a high price 1st,allowing some room for negotiation cuz people love to think they are getting a deal.I then allow them to haggle me down to my real estimate and we agree.
    It makes them soo happy to think I will make less money for some strange reason so I let them believe I am taking a beating on the job

    and they are happy and I am getting my real $,Also this helps if they don't want to talk you down your automaticly making more $ and it can cover in case of problems encountered on the job.I know it's strange but it works for me with all my wanting to get a deal clients
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    I did something pretty close the other day, I gave an estimate for a weed clean up and the lady called complaining about how ridiculous the price was. I tried to explain that i dont hike my prices and even gave her the idea to call and get some other estimates she said no just do the job. I called back the next day after stewing over her comments and told her that i miscalulated my estimate in order to give her the price on the spot and told her it would be $150 more than first expected. I just wanted burst out laughing when I heard her "whaaaaaat"????????

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