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I have a question about mulching. My mower is an exmark turf tracer hp with a 48" deck. Can you mulch by just covering the discharge shute and using mulching blades or do you have to have a mulching kit such a the micro mulch system. Thanks in advance.


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Your question has been addresses many times on this site.

The answer is NO.....To get good results, buy the kit. It will pay for itself and save you valuable time trying to rig up something that you will just have to take back off.

I have a Exmark TT w/ 48". I do have the mulch kit.
I also have the mulch kit and bagger for my Z 60" ztr.

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No, a actual mulch kit encloses each blade in a chamber with baffles that must be installed. Simply putting a stop over the discharge chute will not suffice. I used to use a mulch kit on my JD but it would only work well during the summer months. i have now went with Meg Mo blades and they do a better job mulching with no mulch kit at all.

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