Can you guys help a newbie out?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by North Ga, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Whats up.Been checking out the site and can tell you guys know what you are doing.Ive always wanted to build a flagstone patio for my house.I just want to do something real small because I have no experience with this type of work.Like I said earlier this is just for me not selling my work.I really see myself hopefully doing a part time job or 2 in the future once I get a full grasp of what im doing.Ive been doing some reading on here so hopefully I have this right.

    Ok the patio I want is 12 x 12.The ground is pretty level where I want the patio @.Do I clear(excavate) the 12 x 12 area 4 inches deep,right?

    Once Im 4 inches deep I put down 3 inches of stone(crush N Run) and 1 Inch of Sand,Right?I do make the middle of the patio 1 inch higher for drainage right?Is there anything else I need to do like some type of edge?Is there a specific sand I need to use?

    Ok Im ready for laying the flagstone,Right?Is there a technique to laying the Flagstones?Do I bury the flagstone in the sand or just place it on top and later fill in the cracks with more sand?

    Is there anything im leaving out?

    Thanks in advance

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