can you have fun too?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by richard2, May 22, 2000.

  1. Evan528

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    i absolutly love what i do and wouldnt do anything else. i spend alot of my free time at night reading on here or reading other information about equipment. i think i am just burned out.... once june rolls around and my landsape work slows down things will be better. i have worked so hard to get where i am and i just feel real guilty turning down work. im even bidding jobs much higher than i normally would and still getting them.
  2. Evan put the landscape jobs on the back burner and worry about lawn care until it stops raining. Keep your decks clean and blades sharp.<p>Also don't put more than a quarter lb of N per 1K sq ft down this month.
  3. Evan528

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    i sharpen and clean my decks daily.... theres no way im fertilizing at all this month with the way the grass is growing! with all this rain ive been cutting in... id be screwed without my z master with the super flow deck! discharges beutifully even in this soaking wet grass!
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    Evan, sometimes I get the same way.Answer the<br>phone with &quot;what the f@ck do you want!!?&quot;.<br>I smoke 2 packs of 20's a day.(lucky strike)<br>Once a month I knock off a bottle of rum and<br>get plastered with some mates of mine.You<br>gotta get away from the business for a bit.<br>Even a day or 2 will make a big difference.<br>I won't blow smoke up your arse about taking<br>a deep breath and counting to 10 whenever<br>something goes wrong,cos it doesn't work.<br>Take a day or 2 off and relax. <br>To finish I have a gross joke for you all,<br>Q What did the leper say to the hooker?<br>A Keep the tip.<p>Karl<br>
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    Evan:<br>I'm right there with you baby!<br>Who has time to smoke or drink? All my free time gets spent right here with you fine folks, all 10 minutes a days.
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    today both my main mowers are down and the holiday is this weekend! ouch! no 36 and today no 21! can only drink beer and get stoned and take self imposed long weekend!

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