Can you ID our old Toro walk behind?

Discussion in 'Toro' started by anonymic, Jun 6, 2009.

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    I'm trying to identify our old Toro push mower so I can locate one for my dad. He's been complaining since he had to replace it 15 years ago that 'these new mowers just don't cut right' and I think he'd like to have his old machine back as a birthday or christmas present. Honestly, I have to agree with his complaint, this is the best mower I've ever used as well. The mower was disposed of several years after the valve guides wore out so I'm unable to get a year/model from it, but my best guess is that it was made in the mid-late 70's.
    It had a cast aluminum deck, red rubbery side discharge chute with what appeared to be a stock piece of iron mounted inside the leading edge of the chute which was rigidly mounted to the deck (something not to catch yourself on when lifting the mower). The chute didn't have a spring on it, or it had broken before I ever used it. The deck was very low in comparison to most mowers I've ever seen, and had no provision for a rear or side bagger that I ever saw. The only controls on the chrome handle is the throttle control. I don't know if Toro ever offered a T style handle, but this one isn't, it's like modern mowers but mounted rigidly to the deck. The rear flap that keeps stones from flying back was a piece of sheet metal curved up at the end. I'm fairly certain it was a 22" model and that 22 was cast into the front of the deck, the 'place foot here when starting' was cast in as well. It had a black pull start B&S 3.5hp.

    If anyone has a mower that fits my description I'd love to see a picture of it, I think I can visually identify it. If there are any details that might help that I've left out go ahead and ask.
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    We forwarded your email to the Toro Customer Care team and while they were able to narrow it down some, the description was still a little too general to identify one specific model. However, here is a list of mid-to-late 70's mowers built with cast decks and Briggs engines:
    16106, 16113, 16155, 16169, 16172, 16173, 16240, 16255, 16264, 16273, 16277, 16287, 16310, 16320, 16370, 16390, 16600, 16655, 16711, 16756, 23307

    - The Toro Company
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    hey that description you gave matched exactly the mower i picked up for free this weekend. it had a broken piston but i have lots of b/s parts kicking around. the only difference from my mower to the one u gave a description of is the size. my mower has a 19 cast right on the front of the deck and the model number on mine is 16020. I too am trying to find out what year this is made as i have a small collection of antique mowers and mowers from the 80's and and older than that all the way down to the 40's :) if you have any luck finding out the year of the one you are looking for please let me know im very curious to know what year range my mower fits in as i will be restoring this one to its former glory. i already fixed the engine and its running really good now.

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