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Can you identify this critter?


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I started noticing these mounds of dirt about a year ago. The grass around them usually dies. Since then my lawn has thinned out considerably.

It would seem likely that these are just earthworm castings, except that's usually a good thing to have. In my case they're destructive. When I try to push the mound away to look for a hole -- if there is one -- it always gets covered up or filled-in.

It's odd that I didn't have this problem in the first two years after installing the lawn. I live in Southern California where it's difficult to keep a lawn going. Any ideas?



IMG_5405 (cropped).JPG


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yorkville, il
It looks like some sort of insect did it. Maybe you could spread something that kills grubs and fertilizes at the same time? I don't know how regulated CA is on stuff like that though...


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Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure its not crawfish. That would be very bizarre here.

Let me rephrase my question then:

Does anyone have any suggestions (websites, another forum, etc.) about where I could find out the answer to this. I'm sure no landscaper is willing to come to my house just to look at this.

ted putnam

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earthworm castings. The "organic" folks think it's more valuable than gold.