Can you Identify this problem for me please

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by iskoos, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. iskoos

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    I live in Florida and I do take care of my lawn(St. Augustine - Floratam) and I am proud of what I do but whatever I do, problems are always after me:( After battling with chinch bug issue last year, I have now another problem whose pictures I am attaching.
    I don't know about this problem. Would you please let me know what this is and what the cure is?

    Thanks in advance...

    Picture 011.jpg

    Picture 015.jpg
  2. iskoos

    iskoos LawnSite Member
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    Well, I was thinking this would be easy to identify. A few poeple looked at it already but none made any comment.
    Hope nothing serious I am dealing with...
  3. IntegrityGuy

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    i have no clue what diseases are what but could it be possible that you are watering your grass during the day and the water acts like a magnifying glass and is buring the grass?????
  4. iskoos

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    Oppsss. I do that to be honest. When it is baking hot sometimes grass folds its blades and turns to pale blue color so to bring them back, I sometimes water them in the afternoon sun. It cools off the grass and they open the blades. Would this really be the reason?
    My irrigation times are early in the morning though. I don't run the irrigation during the day. This is just watering with a garden hose.
    I will be really shocked if this is the reason...
    Anyone else could confirm this?
  5. DiyDave

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    Kinda sorta looks like a leaf rust ( fungus), but I'm not up on diseases of saint Augustine.
  6. SoGro

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    Looks like gray leaf spot which is a common disease in summer months with St. Augustine grass. It slows down the growth of grass and makes it look bad, but should not kill it. You can probably spray it with something from home depot but I am unfamiliar with what that may be, they have taken alot off the market. I have a book that says Daconil or Thiram.
  7. iskoos

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    Thank you...

    I have searched internet for various diseases that effects St. Augustine grass and I came up with rust and gray leaf spot. The picture that shows rust wasn't looking any similar to what my grass looks and I couldn't find a picture for gray leaf spot but since it says "GRAY" and my spots are kind of brownish, I figured this wasn't it.

    I will take these pictures and go to home depot. I hope the guy in the garden section can provide help. The grass doesn't dying as SoGro says but the growth gets effected.

    I will report back...
  8. hvphotog

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    If all fails send your question and photo into Scott's products...

  9. iskoos

    iskoos LawnSite Member
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    Umm... Can you tell me how to do this? Is it on this forum?
  10. DiyDave

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    Gray leaf spot may only be gray under a microscope, or under certain circumstances, or on certain types of grasses. Name don't mean much, its a fungus among us!

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