Can you remove the shredder from a leaf vacuum?


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Can you remove the shredder from a leaf vacuum and use it just as a vacuum?

I got a few parking lots I clean with a blower and broom. I would like to be able to just suck up small pieces of garbage like wrappers and cigarette butts with a leaf vacuum into the bag, but I would assume you can't do that with the shredder going.

I'm not looking to buy a billy goat or expensive piece of equipment for these lots, as I only have a few, and they're not big enough to justify getting an expensive machine like that for them.


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The leaf vacuums I've seen have an impeller that both creates vacuum and shreds the debris all in the same part. Have you thought about a walk behind Billygoat( with a bag between the handle bars)? I have used a Troybilt walk behind leaf vac and all I can say is save your money, POS!

Mark Oomkes

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You could...but you won't be sucking anything up.


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Are we talking about a hand held, walk behind, self propelled, or drive on the street sized vacuum?

My hand held Stihl SH-86 vacuum's impeller has a small shredder blade on the front, but that won't affect anything. Just don't suck up rope or plastic bags, or anything long that can get wrapped around the impeller.

My walk behind machine, well that just sucked, and not in a good way.

My self propelled machine had a flail on the ends of the impeller that not only shredded, but also ensured that the chute would stay clear. That's an important feature you don't want to disable.


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Parking lot trash isn’t going to hurt or even phase a leave vac. Why not just suck it up and go on?
That' one of my questions. I've never used a hand held leaf shredder. I saw an Echo for about $200 and wondered if I could use it for small pieces of trash.