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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jul 3, 2007.

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    One site guy is a real lazy astard-bay. He turns on the manual zone valves, leaves them on and then just uses the shut-off valves on the PVBs to activate multiple zones at once.

    But what happens when you don't get the PVB shut down all the way? :dizzy:

    We ended up removing the handles from four PVBs so hopefully it will stop this practice. If he spalls the valve stems by using pliers then he'll have to answer to the plumbers. :laugh:

    Ivanhoe Problems 7-3-07 IV-01.jpg

    Ivanhoe Problems 7-3-07 IV-02.jpg

    Ivanhoe Problems 7-3-07 IV-03.jpg

    Ivanhoe Problems 7-3-07 IV-05.jpg

    Ivanhoe Problems 7-3-07 IV-07.jpg

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    Interesting history on this site guy. When the job came open about four years ago over 10 district employees put in for the position but were deemed to not have enough experience although several of them had 10+ years with the district in the custodial department. Therefore, the job was opened up to non-district people and he got the job (normally a promotion). He was an employee of the principal's husband who owns a landscape maintenance business. Things were OK until after he completed his year's probation and then his work went south. Things get so bad that hubby brings his crew by every so often to do weedeating and general clean-up. He's since put in for lateral transfer positions at our three newest schools and has been turned down each time although receiving glowing reports from the principal. Maybe someone is trying to tell her, "You hired him... you're stuck with him." :laugh:
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    Hey Purp, maybe you've answered this before, not sure. Since you have a lot of photos showing galvanized pipe, how often are you repairing stuck valves due to the corrosion or rust inside breaking away and jamming or damaging the diaphragms? I cringe every time I see galvanized pipes.
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    Good question Dana... and I don't really have an answer for you. We do have a lot of galvanized in the ground considering most of the old quick coupler systems that predated all our automatic systems contribute at least partial galvanized main lines to many automatic systems.

    All in all I'd have to say that the problem is minimal and that it depends more on the quality of the actual water flowing through the pipe than the pipe itself. Where the water quality is good I've cut open 40+ year old galvanized pipe and it's clean as a whistle. Where the water quality is not quite as good I've seen galvanized pipe younger than this that has a lot of build-up in it. I'd say that when the water itself has sand/scale in it then we tend to have more valve problems versus cleaner water supplies.
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    I was going to say something to the same effect.

    The clients where I have been doing repairs(just 2.5 hrs north of purp) here in the valley, the people running off city water, some of there 50 year old pipe show outside corrosion, but the inside just shows minimal corrosion, but out on the farms, the people running there system from their field irrigation pumps, man, they have inside corrosion big time. Makes me wonder, what the heck those farmers used in the pass and finally ended up in the water table.
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    I've seen gal pipe buried in residential city water application where you could practically poke your finger through the pipe. Worst corrosion I have ever seen in gal pipe.
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    We have one site that has 4" WWII surplus well casing as a main line. We're very careful digging around it as to not poke a hole through it. We've had to repair a couple spots (by cutting out bad sections and inserting short runs of PVC using Romac transition couplings) that had pinhole leaks from the outside but the inside was clean and smooth.

    Here's a couple of pics taken this morning at the same site. The PVB was run over by a golf cart back in April and all the rocks/debris went down the lateral side of one manual line. The 3/4" galvanized on the left had a few remaining rocks in it that we were able to blow out but was very clean inside. The 1/2" galvanized on the right was also clean but I couldn't get a fish tape down it more than about 10' due to all the debris. We just tied on at the spot where the water was freely flowing and then rerouted a new PVC line and installed new sprinklers past this point. All is well now.

    Ivanhoe Zone Extension 7-5-07 IV-01.jpg

    Ivanhoe Zone Extension 7-5-07 IV-02.jpg
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    Have another site that is our district offices and media center (fancy name for library I guess) with two separate systems. The site guy there has a key to the controllers and would constantly turn them off for long periods of time because he didn't want to deal with either potential weeds or wet turf areas. We never got work orders to check the programs and tried to keep up on them because of their public "curb appeal" aspect. I can't count the number of times I'd get work orders to "check the controllers because the grass is dying" from these two systems only to arrive on site and find the controllers in either the Off or System Test modes. Had complained many times to the boss about the inability to maintain a viable program at these sites and nothing ever seemed to get done about it. Finally had enough and changed the locks on the controllers so maybe now I'll start gaining instead of spinning my wheels. Funny thing was, when we arrived the site guy was running the irrigation on one system and quickly went in, turned it off and put the controller on Auto Run. :)
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    I just did a similar thing. Some mow & blow guys kept changing a schedule I had set every time they came by. The controller was the Irritrol Total Control, and the key was in the lock. Finally got fed up with having to reset the schedule every week so I locked the cabinet and hid the key hoping they didn't have one in their truck.

    Went back the next week and my schedule was intact, guess they don't have a spare. :)

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