Can you spray my weeds?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by clallen03, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. clallen03

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    I have just start my round 1 last week. My round 1 and 2 is my most expensive rounds, but this seems like the time when I pick up the "Can-you-spray-my-weeds" customers. All they really want is a one time treatment to kill the weeds that they have in the lawn. They are not interested in a program so I feel it is a waste of my product to spray their lawn with everything I have in the tank. Some post emergent sprayed on their lawn to kill the henbit and bittercrest will make them happy.

    Im just wondering how do you'll handle these customers.

  2. JB1

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    if they want them sprayed, we will spray them.
  3. greendoctor

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    I will take people like that. However, they wait until I am done servicing the monthly clients I have in the neighborhood. Also it is worth my while or not at all. Because I get lawns from hell, there is no such thing as a cheap job. My usual mix for a lawn like that is Gallery, 2,4-D ester, Banvel, and Quicksilver. That is $55 for the 1st 1000 sq ft and $10 for every additional 1000.
  4. clallen03

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    So you wait until you empty your tank then come back to treat these lawns with a different mix? These customers are not really willing to pay that type of money and I dont pick up enough at one time to mix such a costly tank.

    We normally only treat our regular maintenance customers but Im thinking of targeting these "Hey you!" cusotmers. What I have found is when I spray them with the pre-emergent mixes (Rounds 1 or 2) they are fine for a while and have no reason to get on the program. I can make a very inexpensive mix of only 2,4-D and Octane and spray only these one time squirt clients. Once they see their weeds get fried and come back then they may want to get on my program.

    Just a idea, but Im considering it.
  5. greendoctor

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    I do not mix a large tank at one time either. But I like your idea of a 2,4-D + Octane mix that fries what is there but does not keep the weeds from regerminating. I spend a little more, otherwise, I will be back to re do the lawn in a month or two and I really do not have the time to fit in what I consider non planned customers. The good thing is, if I can control the weeds without torching the lawn, it is not hard for me to have them subscribe to a full program. BTW, I will not treat a lawn that looks like it needs fertilizer. People in that circumstance either sign onto the program or not at all.
  6. Turfdoctor1

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    Why is your round 1 the most expensive?

    My lawns are 100% clean and dormant at this point. This is by far the best time of the year to pick up a new client for me, because I just need to add a little 3-way to my pre-emergent mix. I started last week as well, and I even have knocked on a few doors to see if my customers' neighbors want me to spray while I'm there.

    What are you spraying that is so expensive?

    For small lawns <5000, it would be possible to just backpack it, to take out the henbit and bittercrest while you are on site. It will obviously take a little time, but less than having to back track.

    Sorry, this post is not much help. I just don't understand why not take care of the new customer with your tank mix while you are there.
  7. cod8825

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    I agree with the cost and marketing. I ride around with a bug huge sign on my tank saying "WE KILL DANDELIONS DEAD!" I have pre printed forms with me and weed control product in the tank. I just quote them the cost for the additional weed killer. They like because the weeds are dead they get a little bit of fertilizer and dimension. I have on more than one occasion signed up a new client this way.
  8. RigglePLC

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    A great way to sign up a new customer. Use you salesmenship and convince them to go with a full program. If they want crabgrass control, plus weed control, plus fertilizer--I charge for the three at once treatment, 150 percent. It combines the April and May treatment together.
  9. THC

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    For me this situation is bonus.

    I use a spreader for fert and a back pack for weed. I just skip the fert and spray the weeds. Charge the same, $50 for avg. yard for one time.
  10. grassman177

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    we will do them, but they wait till i am on schedule as it iseems we are usually not!!!!!! then they pay 10%more since they are not a contracted regular unless they do sign up, one timers pay more.

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