can you straighten a bent blade???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by knoma, May 15, 2006.

  1. knoma

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    A question for the knowledgeable of my gator blades off my 61'' Ferris ztr had quite a "hump" in it in the middle of the cutting edge...can it be straightened ? and if so how? The blade is almost new, but evidently it hit something....HARD.
  2. Runner

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  3. MysticLandscape

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    Dont fool around heating the blade-up and stuff, just go buy a new one.
  4. desert rose gardening

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    You won't know till you try.
  5. Rev. Crabgrass

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    I would replace the blade for a few reasons
    1) it will be very hard to get it back to completely straight so you will always have vibration, vibration = early spindle failure.

    2) bending metal changes the temper so you will weaken the blade by bending it causing a safety issue.

  6. imograss

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    Don't waste your time, buy a new blade.
  7. knoma

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    thank you all, it is now destined for the "short steel" scrap pile.
  8. Idealtim

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    Hammer and anvil???
  9. tank

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    tryed hammer and anvil once hammer poped back up raped me in the knee.

    will never do that again!

  10. That'd be more a nicked blade than a bent blade.

    Just grind off the bent up part when you sharpen it. It'll have an unsharpened spot, but that'll be OK if it's not in the last inch or so at the tip.
    It'll be a little harder to balance.

    A bent blade is where the cutting surfaces aren't the same plane when the blade spins around. Those are scrap.


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