Can you tell me what's wrong with this lawn??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jkservices, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Sorry JK, I was on mobile and the picture wasn't there and and didn't read who posted that reply until after and it wouldnt let me edit the comment. :hammerhead:

    Hard to tell what is causing that. The lines are a little different in each of the stripes but I guess I'd say go take the mower, park it lined up in the stripe as if you were mowing, get off the mower and see what on the mower is in line with the color variation.
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    Looks like anti scalp roller to me. They don't look all that bad in all. The replied response with stripes. Those are garbage stripes. I would have you leave my property immediately if that's the final product. Maybe you're clients like that. Mine wouldn't stand for those. I'd rather leave none than those.
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    Hey OP, next time you mow go over it twice. Follow your marks and give it a real fast second over. It will help. Sharp blades, deck pitch, and follow last times tracks. Get a good stripe after 2 or 3 weeks and then go the other direction. Have fun. Think about the center blade and how one side it travels forward and the other side of the spindle it travels backward. That throws a stripe off if pitch aint set just so.

    Herler is right. It ain't rocket science, most homeowners can't and aren't equipped. Putting a striping kit on the mower is only step one in a long process. At least the first time.



  4. mag360

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    We can rule out the scalp wheels because the center stripe goes against the direction of travel.
    I believe what you're seeing is the result of deck level - the center blade is pushing the grass tips forward on the left hand side of the center spindle and backward on the right. Check for 1/4 inch pitch to the front and it should minimize the effect. High lift blades and high bts will also minimize it as the suction generated will pull the tips up and forward as the back of the deck passes over.
  5. mag360

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    He knows what he's doing - the stripes are correctly laid
  6. mag360

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    The more I think about it the more I think it could be lack of suction. Is this lawn the only one that gets the reverse flow lines? Is it the only one that strongly shows stripes? Maybe the tip speed is down for some reason or there is some strategically placed buildup under the to deck that's killing suction in the center.
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    i guess i don't get it…to me it's obviously the tailwheels of a sit down ztr, like a walker…even tho the wheels would push the grass down in the same direction that the mower is going, the deck will only lay the grass over so far whereas the tail wheels will push the grass down even further (more force). as a result, you are seeing two different angles, yet in the same direction.

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