Canadian GEESE!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John Deere, Mar 29, 2000.

  1. John Deere

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    I remember a while back there was a discussion about getting rid of canadian geese. Please tell me how to keep them off the lawn, thanks!
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  3. osc

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    If these geese are walking up out of a pond or lake and crapping all over the lawn, make a fishing line fence around the body of water. One strand of line about chest high to a goose will keep them from coming up on shore. Most of the time they fly in and land on water first before venturing out on land.<br>If you use small enough stakes the barrier will be almost completely invisible from several feet away.
  4. steveair

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    Messages: 1,073<p>I read a article on that product called flight control and heard good results, but don't know what to think. I posted a question in other forum, but got no response so maybe here may be diff't.<p>Now, between you and me, were about to take care of a few pesky ones next week. 2 of those bastards have been hanging out by our entrance to work for the past week, and no matter how many times we chase them, they're right back. They now taunt us, the little bastards. The one just stands there now and sticks his tongue out at us. Well, he won't be for long.<p>Just went to the store and bought a box of .22 bird shot, you know, for target practice........... Next week, we were told to come in early to work, around dawn. No one will be around then............<p>Well, anyway, theres not a whole lot to do. Unless theres a chinese restauraunt coming to the area soon, not much really keeps those &quot;rats with wings&quot; away. <p>
  5. cjcland

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    a couple applications of alka seltzer might do the trick <p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
  6. GroundKprs

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    Few yrs ago, one of the trade mags had a survey on goose control, and printed some of the responses. Most ingenious was a golf course that had taken a large remote control car, hollowed out a goose decoy, and mounted the goose on the car. Then they drove the car all around the geese whenever they came up from water. He said it drove the geese away, they just can't stand another goose tearing around like that. Never tried it myself, but this guy said it worked for him.<br> ----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana<p><p>
  7. QLC

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    Here in KY that would be easy:<br>12 gauge Baretta<br>3&quot; Estate BBB's<br>and my Lab's for the clean up.<br>I can't wait for winter now!!<p>Seriously, at my full time job, we had a really bad problems with them. They called the Fish & Wildlife Dept. and they came and trapped them and relocated them. Worked out for everybody and the birds. Of course, some of them came back that winter and took care of some of them.<p>QLC
  8. fireball

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    Flight Control and Rejex-it both available at Lesco are chemical controls that prevent geese. But because you spray them on grass and the grass grows and you mow it, the need for retreatment varies this time of year. physical controls such as nets, fences, strings, plastic owls are soon overcome by the geese, either they get use to them or just walk around them. The only thing with a 100% effective control besides guns are specially trained dogs(border collies work the best). The downside is that you have to rotate the dogs since the dogs become lazy and bored with the same site everyday. A good dog that goes swimming or after the birds in the water goes for about $7500.00. There are companies in PA&NJ that provide the services of the dogs but they are not cheap.
  9. moonarrow

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    try this it worked for me take two cloves of garlic and blend in blender mix withe 1 gal. of water let stand for 3 days and then strain through cheese cloth. ad 2 tablespoons of tobasco sauce. take 1/4 cup of this mix and add to 1 gal. of water and spray. this is good for getting rid of othe pest also and a good pesticide for plants and gets rid of mosquitoes I know I live in LOusiana home of the mosquitoes ( our state bird) ha ha.

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