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    I know this really doesn't belong here but.......

    Over 95% of what AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY receives goes to research or to patients or survivors of cancer.

    1 in 3 will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

    We are all at risk, the sun, gasoline, used motor oil, are just some of the risk factors each one of us deal with.

    I challenge each of you to get involved with your local AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, their fund raiser "relay for life" will be getting under way soon.

    I am the logistics chairman for ours, I have been involved for 5 years in the planning and operations stage.

    Remember the treatment you help fund might save your life.

  2. proenterprises

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    thanks for the message. i am doing hoops for heart at my school. its a bball tounrament which you raise money by playing other teams-all profits go to the AHA.
  3. MudslinginFX4

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    It's a great orginization.... They do exactly as said!

    I also participate in the MS Society. My aunt was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago and we raise money for that. There are many different fund raisers for many orginizations!
  4. turf9

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    I don't eaven like talking about it to many around me fighting it.I think I'll work on this a bit more this year thanks
  5. impactlandscaping

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    We sponsor a walking team each summer for the Relay For Life Cancer Walk.Also regularly contribute to the Children's Hospital unit at our local hospital.You can never do enough to help raise awareness levels and contributions for organizations like these..I bet everyone here at LS knows or knows of someone battling cancer or someone who lost the fight in the process. I know I have in my family, clients, and friends.
  6. hole in one lco

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    I'm glad to see people do care. I give 10,000.00 every year to mda my dad is a retired cleveland fire fighter and thats there charity.
  7. fcl01

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    I'm glad to see people are giving to charity. And I don't mean to add gloom and doom to this thread but I got news, we ALL have some form of cancer. We just don't know it yet. And by the way Hole in One, by your profile, it looks like you've been in business since OCT. '02. $10 K a year?? To charity?? Either I'm doing something wrong or you have a great 9-5er and do lawncare on the side. That's alot of money to be giving away for a 27 yr. old.
  8. hole in one lco

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    Yes im full time but only because i wont to. I was bit by a dog when i was 8 and collected 700,000.00 so money is not an issue .
    I started collecting the money when i was 18 so iv given 10,000.a year since i was 18 .So a profile isn't are life story.
  9. Remsen1

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    was it the dog pictured in you avatar? LOL, just kidding. Just ironic dog bite, dog avatar.
  10. hole in one lco

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    I have three dog go figure.:D :D

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