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    I've looked in the search engine and found four threads on the subject of canker. No luck.

    Problem, A customer of mine has about twenty to twenty-five japanese boxwoods. One of which has canker...i think. The plant has a spot near the bottom on the sidewalk side of the plant. The spot is around 10 inches in diameter and there is not a leaf in this area...branches are dead. There is another spot near some yews that has two branches with brown leaves on it. This is the only one in his landscape with the problem.

    Question, Does this sound like a form of canker and if it is... what do I do.

    Thanx for any input.
  2. George777

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    This does not sound like canker to me based on the info you have giver. Could be several things. Has anybody hit with a herbicide? Most common problems with this cultavar:

    Canker, Blight, leaf spots, root rot, winter injury and sun scald, mealybugs, scales,boxwood psylid, boxwood leaf miner, giant hornet, boxwood webworm, nematodes and boxwood mite.

    the Japanese boxwood has heat and nematode resistance.

    It is most likley to early for pest damage

    What temp has it been in your area? Could be cold weather injury.

    Is it located on the N.W side of building?(cold side)?

    It is hard to say. Call your local extension office and have they take a look at it.
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    here in florida if you think a tree has canker the local agriculture department will come out for free and asses it for you you can try that in your state of coarse we have orange trees which they worry about good luck
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    Could this be Rover's favorite spot? to a sidewalk, near the bottom, 10" in diameter.
  5. tpl

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    thanx for the help.

    hasn't really been that cold. It was in the twenties a couple of times...the teens once or twice. Plus, only one was affected. It isn't really in a spot where one would be affected and not another. If it was a pest or disease, I would think that more would have it than just the one. I will call the extension service.

    I think after nailing down all of the factors, it might just be "Rover".

    Thanx again

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