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Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by BigSpruceLawns, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. BigSpruceLawns

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    I've been researching all over Google/YouTube and looked through the forums here but I have somehow come up empty on this. I am trying to figure out which of the premix 50:1 fuels (TruFuel, Echo Red Armor, Stihl Motomix) is the best. All I can find is the general improvement from ethanol pump gas to no-ethanol canned fuels, but I haven't found anything in the way of differences/comparison among each other.

    To those of you who have used these before or have answers, what are the pros/cons of each? Or are they the exact same stuff?

    Background: I have an Echo PAS-266 trimmer system and a Stihl BG-55 blower. I'm no longer in the lawn business, so I just use them every 1-2 weeks to trim my small back yard (HOA does the front) - I know the cost vs regular gas is crazy but I use so little and have my stuff stored so long it works for me, so please no "canned fuels are a ripoff" - I've already decided, just need help picking which one to go for.

    Hoping the awesome Lawn Site community can help out here; if anyone knows the answer to this you guys do!
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  2. Andrew H

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    My dealer will throw in a can of VP 50:1 fuel in a new piece of equipment, but I run E 0 in my small engines, may start running it the mowers too.
  3. knox gsl

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    I used the redmax stuff that was part of a hedge trimmer purchase. I can't tell any difference except what it cost. I'll stick with 91 octane pure gas with stihl oil mix. I go through a good bit of fuel if that helps.
  4. OP

    BigSpruceLawns LawnSite Member
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    Ethanol free pump fuel isn't available near me, so unfortunately those aren't options for me, hence the move to canned fuel.
  5. knox gsl

    knox gsl LawnSite Fanatic
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  6. OP

    BigSpruceLawns LawnSite Member
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    Please re-read my initial post. I know the options out there; I'm trying to learn the differences in them and if there is any true benefit with the Echo/Stihl fuel over TruFuel
  7. rippinryno

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    It's not available for me, at least not very easily, but I have never had a problem with 91 octane E10 on my handelds. Some of my handhelds go all the way back to 10 year old chainsaws. Waste your money if you want, but you're not saving anything. Canned fuel is a literal ripoff, (i know, you said not to tell you that) it's throwing money out the window. Now, if you store your fuel and rarely use your handhelds (like never) maybe the canned fuel is for you. In this case, i believe it is.

    Well you're looking for something that you will never find. The brand is what makes them different. that is all. You know, fuel, in general, as a base form only comes from a couple places. The difference is the additive package. The octane on most of those is 91 or 93. The additives are stabilizers and the oil for your mix. Thats' it bud, not rocket science, if you like stihl 2 cycle oil, then buy the 20 buck gallon of stihl premix. Or, buy some E10 and save yourself some money.

    For your scenario, any of the non ethanol canned fuel will work just fine. If you're keeping it for months on end, it's going to fine, also as little as you use your equipment, it really doesn't even matter. I wouldnt' pay for the name stihl or echo though, the trufuel is likely the same exact gas, and probably a better oil than the stihl garbage. I have seen trufuel for 3.99 at my local farm store. When you pay more for stihl, you buy the name.
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  8. dboyd351

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    BigSpruce, I think you are making a wise decision, given your situation. Very infrequent use and using small quantities is where non ethanol fuel is worthwhile for keeping your equipment running well.
    I'm fortunate in having stations nearby that carry non-ethanol. Costs about 50 cents more a gallon, but easily worth it for things that are only used seasonally and don't burn much fuel. I also always add Stabil to the gas when purchased.
    You do know about the website for finding non ethanol stations, right?
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  9. Buckeyebutch

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    For 25yrs. I've used Race gas and Klotz 2 stroke oil in all my small Eng. tools.
    For off season storage in all my engines I use Race gas. Never had any trouble coming out of storage.

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