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Cannister air box cover

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I bought an Exmark 52" Lazer Z last spring. I have loved the machine as well as the support for that machine. At least till now.
I take very good care of my equipment. It is serviced at the dealer where I purchased it. I have the oil and filter changed every 25 hrs, at the same time the air filter is checked and cleaned and the machine is greased.
Well after I finished mowing a very large property, a car dealership, I noticed that one of the clamps on my air filter box was gone. The plastic cover was broken just where the clamp was fitted to it.
Today my dealer says that Exmark will not warranty the cover. They said,"The customer could have put it on wrong or hit something with it".
As I said the property is a car dealership. It is wide open mowing with no trees or anything else to hit. And as I stated the only time the cover comes off is at the dealer.
I dont understand why Exmark wouldnt stand behind a machine that is serviced as mine has been. I guess that being loyal to your dealer and the manufacturer doesnt pay.
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That's a tough one.

The Exmark warranty, like most warrantees covers defects in materials and workmanship. The engine manufacturer covers the engine and all related components (including the filter assembly) for defects in materials and workmanship as well.

While I have not seen any of the canisters with defects in the molding it is possible. You may want to examine the area to determine if there was a problem with the mould. If that is the case get it back into the dealership we’ll both go to bat for you with the engine manufacturer. If you don't find any signs of a defect the engine manufacturer will probably assume that it was either installed wrong (easy to do) or has been damaged from an impact (sometimes easier to do). I know I've clipped them in place with the filter cap not installed correctly and it does put quite a strain on the clips and the mounting points.

Generally when something is missing from a mower the process started long before the property the part actually fell off at.

I'm assuming this is a Kohler on a full size Lazer Z?

Let me know what you find when you examine the filter cap.


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I have to weigh in here:

1. The cannister air filters are in a vulnerable spot, sticking out so far about the engine, unlike the more recessed older standard filters. I cracked a piece on mine while backing up and hitting a limb. They also can be hit by the handlebars of a walk behind that just rolls against your mower lightly. Lazers are built to be bullet proof. The air cleaner should be just as strong. I think as designed it is a weak link in terms of durability. This is commercial use. If I, a careful owner, have hit mine twice already, imagine what employees will do. Maybe a simple cage for it would suffice?

2. If you do have a plastic cannister assembly that is prone to breakage (even by merely straining the clamps, as you said), then there should be a way to order replacement parts and not just a whole new assembly. I broke just the small plastic mesh that holds the lid on the top of the precleaner. My dealer was unable to find any replacement parts and charged me nearly $100 for a new assembly. So a $1 part breaks and it requires a $100 repair. These things have seperate parts, you should try to get dealers in touch with the manufacturer to get spares available. It's one thing if it's a throwaway $10 item, but at $100, component parts need to be available.

3. Any chance my 21hp kawasaki engine power-loss problems could be related to the new air-cleaner design? Is air-flow somehow obstructed? I know air flow has a big impact on engine performance in cars.
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Well thanks for the reply Terry but I think this is a moot point now.
Yesterday I was mowing a new property that I was unfamiliar with. I made an error in judgement and turned the wrong way near a Dogwood tree. lol I now have to buy the entire air filter box.
I was very upset that the cover was not covered. I do take very good care of my mower, and while I dont feel like the cover was my fault I know the assy is my fault.
I dont mind stepping up and taking responsibility for my mistakes.
Thanks anyway.

Are broken air filter covers happening frequently?

Bruce32, let me get this straight. You filter had a problem with the "mushroom" or the canister housing itself?

Let me know and I'll talk to Kawi about their replacement parts.


Yes, it was the mushroom part, specifically the mesh part that the top itself snaps into. Mine was slightly cracked and not rigid anymore and so no longer held the top on tightly. The cannister and top itself were still usable. Seems a shame to junk the whole thing for a little piece of plastic.

I suppose the use of these is still fairly new on mower engines, so I was unable to find a replacement part listed with Kawasaki at their website, and my manual only shows the standard old style filter. Since the cannister assembly itself is made by another company, Kawasaki may not even be directly involved, I dunno. I even emailed the manufacturer of them, but they said they couldn't help me w/o a part number or model number for the assembly, neither of which I could come up with.

Thanks, it would be helpful if in the future these parts were available as replacements. I have a feeling that until users get used to them, you'll see several of them get ripped off or just damaged from time to time.
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I am with Bruce on this one. Replacement parts should be available. It is very bad to have to replace a $100.00 assy when all you need is a $1.00 part.
My original problem concerned a part of the cannister that is somewhat protected , yet Kohler still would not replace it. I had the guy that works on these machines at my dealer working for me the day the clamp broke off. He knows that I didnt hit anything with it. Kohler still would not even take the dealers word for it. But like I said I was stupid the other day and on an unfamiliar lawn broke the mushroom part of the cannister. Now I must pay $100.00.
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