cannus bed renovation

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hlgmoney, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. hlgmoney

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    I have a customer with a large bed of cannus. They want the beds cleaned out and the flowers cut back. Any suggestions as far as what to do with these plants. I have very little knowledge of this species.
  2. greenman

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    Cannas,I believe is the correct spelling. Do a search on cannas, I think there was a big talk aobut these plants not too long ago. Cannas will die back in the winter, a hard frost will set them back. As they go into a dormant period, the leaves will begin to yellow. One can either continue to cut off the dying leaves or cut the whole plant off at the ground. They need to be covered in some type of mulch, preferrably about 3 to 4", during the winter. They will come back next year as new plants. They are a tuberous type plant so each single plant will put off "babies" so to speak, so they need to be dug up and divided about every other year, so they will not crowd each other or get too thick in the bed(s).
  3. IBGreen

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    Aren't they the 4 1/2 ft. tall skinny green plant? And they are always in a group about 30 deep. Is that correct? Just wondering if I'm thinking of the right ones.
  4. ipm

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    Canna Lily. There are many other varieties. When you clean the beds out make sure you dig all of the corms, tubers(storage containers) etc., you do not want them popping up in your new beds.

  5. greenman

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    The common practice around here is to just cut them back, leave them in the ground, and mulch them. But if they need to be separated then they may be dug, split, and over-wintered. Or dig them up in the early spring and divide them up and replant. We have mild to moderate winters here.

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