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Can't be careful enough


LawnSite Member
New York State
While mulching leaves yesterday with walk behind mower somehow a 1 inch nail escaped from under the mower and lodged in my leg just above my 8 inch workboots. Chute was down and I have no idea how this happened. Was standing in correct spot behind mower. Left equipment and rushed to doctor. Very lucky. Did everything right but you can't be careful enough. Just like a bullet the doctor said. Lots of work to do and here I sit, but once again very,very, lucky


LawnSite Senior Member
Hope this will not keep you from working. Never thought of anything like that happening. I hope you make a quick recovery with no problems. I guess it just goes to show we should wear our PPE,Thank the Lord it was your leg and not your eyes.
Good Luck


LawnSite Silver Member
please letus know what kind of mower you were using.




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Lakeland Fla.
Back in 89, when I was still a scrub, I hit a metal clothes hanger with a Kees mower. It went through the instep of my woorkboot and lodged in my right foot about 3" deep. DANG IT HURT!


LawnSite Bronze Member
One more reason I use my ZTR as much as possible. Think about how fast those blades are turning. Any time you go near a tree or side of a house you could hit something that could come right back at you. Or it could come out of the back of the mower right at your feet on a walk behind. I hope you recover quickly.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Sorry to hear this also. I've heard of a spoon flying out from a 21" and going in a foot. My buddy had a piece of wire shoot out and bounce off of a garage and put his eye out. You have to expect the unexpected. Mowers are dangerous.

Hardy Enterprises

LawnSite Member
Vicksburg, MS
I had something similar happen to me a few month age. I was on my Lazer and just as I went by fire hydrant I hit a piece wire like on a spiral bound notebook. A small piece of the wire glanced off the fire hydrant and stuck in my lip. As it happened it wasn't nothing major I just pulled it out and continued. It bleed for a few minutes but thats it. But if it had hit an eye it would have been very serious like Eric said. I did have my safety glasses on, I always wear them you never know when something like this could happen.



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I was once cutting with toro walkbehind and I had a blade break and shot out almost it my leg. It is a new blade no stress cracks or anything. I think the dealer or toro knew they had a problem. They gave me blade for free before I even asked for one. Wish is the way business should be done, but the toro dealer never gave anything for free!