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    Sounds like you never learned the meaning of the word "agape" before you plastered it around.

    I didn't say signs are worthless. I said they're only part of a marketing plan, and less important than the other things mentioned, and certainly not something to rely on to the exclusion of the other things mentioned.

    In fact,. the OP made it clear in his post that he was relying heavily on signage and was disappointed it didn't have customers flocking to him. I simply pointed out that it takes more than signs and thinking it will have customers flocking is a mistake. Other posts here have said much the same thing.

    Don't be so sensitive, nobody's threatening your manhood because you like signs. It reflects poorly on your maturity and sense of confidence to take the mere exchange of ideas so personally.

    As for the rambling comment....look up transference in the dictionary. Someone in the past obviously criticized your marketing plan!
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    *Chest bump with Bruno!*
  3. Frank's Lawn Care

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    First let me say, I lost my job and had a few weeks of money coming I bought what i could, made alot of fliers for $25 a cut full service. Stayed out of the bigger yr subs. And passed out 5000-6000 buy myself. In three months i had 25+ cuts a week making ends meet. I've kept almost everyone. Gladly let some go.. This yr i'm doing the same thing. $25-$35 cuts,mass fliers in the slow time.
    In the summer,months after the fliers. Please would talk to me at the gas pump. Hey, are you the $25 guy? lol...I bought 100 1 call.. I put 2 of the yr signs on my trailer.. That i know of no calls. That i know of 60+ ppl from fliers. I know the average of 60 out of 6000 isn't good. But i can pass out 500 in one sub in 1 hr. i would hit 2 subs in 2 hrs and be out of fliers..
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    Wow!!!! A couple of weeks ago I had my logo and web site info a image guy. He sent me a email of the logo in 2 different ways, I thought nice. So, I just ordered a new 7x16 (my previous was 7x14 flat front) v-nose and was plainning to "PLASTER" my name all down the sides and then park it at my bank which is a customer during the day. Well, seeing this, im not sure what to do. Eye appeal sometimes means alot, it gets the future customer thinking. And if they see a name, we hope they will call us. Im looking at around $400 for design and install. I will NOT logo my truck. I don't want people knowing all of my business. It would be bad enough them seeing me at Cracker Barrel in the mornings for breakfast not to mention at the theatre on a slow day. I would say 50/50 shot.
  5. tstutz

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    I wouldnt want to letter up my truck real bad, but it seems like thats the way to avoid being called a weekend warrior on here anyways. Now if i had employees driving my trucks i wouldnt mind having them lettered. Someone might call and say i saw your truck at such and such place where it shouldnt have been.
  6. Frank's Lawn Care

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    Shoot for $400 doing your whole trailer. Heck yeah! Do it in style. A personal truck i wouldn't do. I like my trucks clean, One color(not two tone) and free from signs an stickers. Maybe lettering on the front or rear windows with name only. Or front plates. I found some nice trailers have 6x12 $1400-$1600. Two companys make them within 100 miles. Maybe next year...
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    I am a weekend warrior/part timer or whatever the hierarchy wants to call me. I don't give a danged ole damn either.

    I had signs once but they messed up the paint on a truck I had, because I never moved them. I may do a decal in the rear window, but that is about it.
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