Can't do it OR too lazy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaclawn, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. scottb

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    My brother inlaw would be to lazy,and to afraid to get his little hands dirty,he pays someone around 30 dollars to mow and trim only, the guy wont do pine needles or anything else.
    The guy uses a walkbehind and it maybe takes him and his wife about 15 minutes and most of that time is loading and unloading. I pretty sure I could push mow it in 20 minutes.

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  2. awm

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    Geogunn Thats the best idea Ive heard on the
    forum.There a lot of elderly folks out there
    that are desparatly trying to stay out of the
    resthomes.Very sad and a littie scary since I
    I know Ill be there someday.If everybody did
    that sort of thing wecould probably make a
    big difference.
  3. cantoo

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    I am in the business of selling leisure time. Some of my customers say it would take them 3 or 4 hours to do the work I do in less than 1 hour, so they figure they are buying time. They get their lawn cut and have a few hours to do what they want.
  4. HOMER

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    I'm just thankful that there are old, lazy, rich, and those that pour themselves into their work............without them I would have to do something else!


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