Can't find a Cat 257 MTL for sale!!!!Need one now!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. vntgrcr

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    Hey Guys, I am just venting my frustration on not being able to find a machine for sale locally. :dizzy: I am in the New England area and have work right now for a Cat MTL. I have been to the dealer who of course doesn't seem to interested in selling me a used one. They him and haw about they are hard to find, they might have a couple out on rental, one might be coming in on trade..........I am not going to pull the trigger on a new one($45K )and even if I was, guys that ordered then last Oct are just starting to see them trickle in. I am looking for a 1000hr machine in the $30K<> range. There are a couple on auction, but I just don't feel right not being able to put my hands on it, drive it, crawl underneath etc. These are expensive to fix if you get one that has been abused and to chase/fly all over the country to look at them could get expensive. So, does anyone know of a good machine in the New England area that is reasonable and in good shape?????Thanks for listening.
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    good luck
    lightly used good condition MTL's are pretty rare

    i would look into the asv rc60
    AWESOME machine. my friend has one.
    he got the mtl, bucket, forks, and trailer for $31K

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    I Know Of One For Sale In Pa, Not Sure Where You Are From But It Would Be Around 5.5 Hrs From Springfeild Mass, It Is A Decent Cat 257 He Is Asking 25,000 For It I Think He Said He Would Take 21 Or 22 Thousand For A Straight Sale. It Was A Good Unit Plenty Of Power Good Tracks Had A Few Small Cuts And Two Or Three Of The Idlers Are Starting To Show Wear, It Has 1300 Hrs On It. Give Them A Call There # Is 1-717-664-2637, 1-717-664-2444, Or After 6 1-717-665-3408. I Just Bought A Grapple Bucket From Them, The Guy I Dealt With Was Brent Real Nice Fella. Hope This Helps.
  4. Planet Landscaping

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    Machinery trader had a new ASV RC50 last month for mid 20s
  5. vntgrcr

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    Thanks Revpro
    I will call them tomorrow. It sounds like you have seen this machine, if so is it pretty clean? heated cab, and is he a dealer or private? Thanks for the tip. I am near Boston, so not too bad of a drive. The local Cat dealer has a 2003 with 500 hrs that he is trying to get $34ish from me. A little high. I am concerned with maintenance on these machines when they get hours on them. thanks again
  6. vntgrcr

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    Are you familiar with these 2 machines to compare them? The Cat gets a lot more $ because of the name, but maybe reliability as well. I just found a ASV dealer near me so will give him a call and "chat".

    REVPRO LawnSite Member
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    I Know Just From My Research That The Asv Is A Less Expensive Machine Than The Cat, I Believe The Cat Has Better Hand Controls Than The Asv. I Am Looking For A Asv 2810 Or 4810, I Can't Afford The Cat. I Did See The Cat 257 That I Told You About, It Is Super Smooth The Hand Controls Are Awesome, But No Cab Or Heat, Machine Was Real Clean If I Remember.( I Have Looked At So Many Recently) It Is A Dealer, And I Know At That Time He Was Getting A Bobcat T300 Ready For Sale. Nice Machine Had The Gold Package On It. But The Tracks Were Getting Rough And It Had, 2000 Hrs On It.
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    ASV and CAT use the exact same hand controls, so the operating pattern is exactly the same.
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  10. Green Pastures

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    I just bought a loaded 257B with only 130 hours on it for $35K from....

    I've been checking that site every day since October 2004.

    It paid off today.

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