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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ned5485, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I have been spending a whole lot of time researching and trying to find a suitable product to seal brick pavers. Through this site I have found two companies that seem to be very nice products. They are Pave Tech and Techniseal. I have contacted both, but they do not have dealers in my area. My customer is looking for a high quality sealer that will result in a glossy finish. I have been looking for sealers that advertise a "wet look".

    I have not been able to find any products locally. Does anyone know of a national brand that I can look for? Has anyone ever sealed pavers with a brand other than the two I already mentioned? Does anyone have some suggestions on where to look for said sealers?

    Thanks for any info or advice,
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    Why not buy it from any dealer and pay shipping? We're in Cincinnati and carry Techniseal if you want to make the drive. The only distributors in Indiana are both in Indianapolis:


    Irvin's Interstate Brick & Block Co. Inc.
    2301, N. Hawthorne LN
    P.O. Box # 19783

    Schuster's Bldg Products Inc. (An Oldcastle Co.)
    901 East Troy Avenue

  3. Ned5485

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    from Indiana
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    I am currently waiting for a shipping quote from Pave Tech, but they said it had to be sent freight. And I am not feeling very good about what that is going to do to my cost, but we will see.

    Techniseal says there is a dealer in Terre Haute. It is closer for me than Indy, but still about a 4 hr roundtrip. Have you ever sold Techniseal to someone and had to ship it? I would be very interested in a price if so. How would I go about getting some prices do you think?

    I need to clean and seal almost 3500 sqft. Can you give me an idea how much weight I will be looking at for five of the 5 gallon containers of WL4 and 3 of the 5 gal containers of EC Efflorescence Cleaner? What is the retail price on each of those 5 gal buckets?

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