can't find leyand cypress and a question on web site for plant pics and info

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, May 5, 2002.

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    Need 10, at least 6 ft leylands for client...called 5 cuppliers yesterday...4 were sold out...1 had scrawny 4 ftrs. These are great plants and alot of homeowners apparently are discovering they make a nice privacy screen, grow quick, look nice and are pretty hardy (except for wet soil)...any of you having problems getting these?? any suggestions?

    Also, I have a couple of the Taylors guide books on trees & perennials...great books but often what I'm looking for is not listed...any websites that offer pics and info on trees/shrubs that you have found helpful? thanks in advance
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    go to alta and type in the latin name or common name and hit picture and you should get hundreds of pics for the plants you're looking for.
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    Im currently enrolled in a herbaceous ornamentals class and a woody perrenial class. This website has just about every plant you could want with pics and explanation of the plant.
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    I live in South Jersey. There are many Nurseries around here who grow these shrubs. I just picked up 17 6'-7' cypress from Tuckahoe Nurseries. They had very large root balls, and these shrubs overfilled my f-350 dump.


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