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    There used to be a magazine named something to the tune of T&O Service Tech or Service Tech T&O? It was affiliated with a larger landscape magazine (Turf, Pro, Grounds Maintenance, etc.). It was published every other month, maybe every three months. It was aimed at the the landscape service tech and not the business owner. Any help would sure be appreciated. THANKS!!!

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    T&O Service Tech magazine
    for front-line crew members in the turf and ornamental industry

    "T&O Service Tech magazine is the only publication for professional lawn care and landscape technicians. This magazine helps technicians continue training and education in areas like equipment operation, pesticide safety, customer communication and more."

    Frequency: monthly
    Formats: Web, paper
    Access: Web:

    Publisher: T&O Service Tech magazine
    Staff: Bill Cox <>
    Carolyn Antl <>
    Bob West (Editor) <>
    Contact: Editorial:
    Phone: Voice: +1 (216) 961-4130
    Postal: 4012 Bridge Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA

    Couldn't get their site to come up online, but you could either give them a call or write to them.

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    Thank You, I appreciate the help.


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