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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FLMOWER, Mar 8, 2003.


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    Ok guys its me again. I just cant seem to get any new accounts. I have had 2 4 week ads in the local rag, hung 500 door hangers, and mailed 100 fliers, and have had 8 calls given only 4 estimates all of which have been underbid by low ballers. I am starting to lose motivation, please help.
  2. ahah

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    Maybe it is time to get bold and start knocking on doors of properties that look like they NEED some work.
  3. Runner

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    NOTHING sells like face to face. It's more time and labor intensive, but it works. And don't be discouraged at turndowns of local businesses. Keep going! It's called HUSTLING!;)
  4. Ed Ryder

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  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    Still kinda early to expect new clients .... most of us go back to weekly cutting 1st of April ... although some may not need it but the edging n such keeps it looking tight

    You'll find by June many of the flyby nighters drop out when the heat really gets goning .... n calls really start coming

    Keep up with the door hangin n keep your expectations up

    Just because they don't take your bid does not mean it was low balled .... they may have a service n are checking others .... or a variety of reasons .....

    But yes lots of em out here with no clue .... we just lost a basic account for someone giving full service at same price ... he'll learn

    Anyways it's gonna take time .... when I first started I was doing jobs for much less than I charge now .... just to be working n out there to be seen

    Hang in there
  6. Bunton Guy

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    Im in the same boat....I lost all motivation when I spent the big$$$$ to have fliers professionally designed and door hangers made sent them all out at key times when the temps would hit mid 60's and got no calls. Im not cheap im not a low baller...when I come onto a property I know my prices and if they can't afford it then I move on but they know that I give top notch services so maybe thats a good thing you need to show that to your new customers that what they are getting is top them some pictures.
  7. HOMER

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    Sometimes it's a slow climb to the summit...........get your second wind and hit it again. I have a friend in a similar situation, he does excellent work but can't seem to generate the number of clients he needs to make a good living at this. All any of us can do is be patient and remember that a dead end street is just a place to turn around. (where did I hear that:confused: )

    The days of getting 30 new accounts overnight are gone, as I tried to tell someone else. It takes time to develop a good customer base in any business. With the amount of new guys and old ones alike in this business it's a process of elimination for the customers. They get tired too of having to find someone that will do what they want when they want it.Be that person and you will get to the point where you turn away calls or refer them to your friends in the biz....................and yes...........having friends in this business really does help. Find one that has too much to do and you find instant access to work.
  8. rosebud

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    When I'm at a job site, I ALWAYS speak to the next door neighbor. I wave to their children and I pick up anything over 15-20 feet of the property line. When I mow between the house's, I make sure to mow the entire pocket and follow that line all the way to the sidewalk. I establish a repor with my clients neighbor's so that when I return to the site, they recognize me and the high quality service my client recieves. I offer a referral bonus to my clients by offering a free cut with every repete cut from referral clients. I find that I get more word of mouth advertising from a tighter group of people that way.
  9. brucec32

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    I've actually had some jerks walk over and complain that I mowed half a foot onto their side of the property line, so I don't even set foot on the neighbors' lawns. Like having your unkept lawn mowed is a bad thing.
  10. rod r

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    I agree its still a little early so you will get more calls from what you have already done. The worst case is 600 pieces = 8 calls so how many calls do you want? The best advice someone gave me is if you dont have something to cut you had better be looking for something to cut. Think about this if you didnt tell a soul you were cutting this year what would happen? Then think about what would happen if you told a million people. Hang in there and good luck

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