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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jan 17, 2002.


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    This is pitiful!!! I have 6 weeks to get three weeks worth of work done but just can't get motivated. I've had a mulch pile sitting in this ladies driveway for a month. Money isn't a issue since I saved enough pennies in the summer to get me through the winter. Normal winters dictate when I'm able to work. Foot of snow and I'm off for 3 weeks. I would be like a caged animal let loose when the snow melted, eager to work. This hasn't been the case this winter. Snow has only knocked me out of work for three days. I have perfected the act of procastination. I don't consider myself lazy since I put in 70 hour weeks in the summer. Maybe my golf vacation at the end of the month will rejuvenate me!! Anyone else suffering from this syndrome?????

    LAWNS AND (yawn) MOWER
  2. Charles

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    I go through the same thing every winter. The procrastination doldrums. I say every year that i will get a winter job for a couple of months and never do. Worked hard spring, summer and fall and still feel the need to do something this time of year. GF says I just am being "lazy" LAZY %^&*(*^$# LOL. Worked myself to death most of the year in a seasonal type job. Part of the problem I think is switching gear to hyper demanding work to slow well it aint going to make much of a difference its too cold work.
    As for another type of temporay job for a couple of months. Its hard for me to go from being my own boss and making all the profits to working for someone else and the pain in the azz training process. By the time I learned the job it would be time to cut grass.
    I am still getting the once a month new customer call on a warm sunny day clean up call. I have trouble even returning these calls because all the equipment has been put up til spring and its not worth getting all loaded up for one job that wont make much of a difference lol
    yaaawwwnning myself
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    I'm sure she is real happy about that. If I was her I would hire someone else to do the job and have you come remove your pile that has been sitting in my driveway for a month.
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    I was going to work for a friend running his gutter crew but after one day of that I said "no thanks". Since then I've just been doing little handyman jobs for my customers and winterizing other people's lawn and garden equiptment. I am having a great deal of trouble getting motivated to do the handyman work though. I did just finish up a repair on a POS Scotts push mower with a 6hp Briggs engine that had multiple reasons why it wouldn't start.

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    Reasons not to work today.........

    1. Sun is way too bright
    2. Might chip a fingernail
    3. Need to watch the Weather Channel
    4. Have to get golf clubs regripped
    5. Play Madden 2002 on N64
    6. There's always tommorow
    7. Have to do laundry
    8. Got 3 checks in the mail
    9. Mickey Dee's is having a special on Quarter Pounders
    10. Happy Hour starts in 4 hours
    11. Need to get on Lawnsite
    12. Jerry Springer comes on in 5 minutes


    P.S. Kirby-- This lady doesn't drive plus I nibble on the mulch pile every now and then.
  6. tranum

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    go out & buy a bunch of new toys.

    on credit.......always works for me!!!!!!
  7. Foster

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    Oh man, You've hit my nail on the head! I need to get on a teadmill or stairmaster or something! It seems that after going to a tradeshow helps to get me fired up. My season don't start until april, so I have some hibernating to do yet.
  8. Turfdude

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    Brother - you must be single!!! I'd do anything to keep out of the house and away from my wife!!! We still have 1/2 week left of clean-ups then 2-3 days fully winterize equipment, do visual inspction and r+r all broken equipment. Then I'm lucky enough to have 1-2 weeks of odds and ends to do w/ my foreman. After that it's time to start bidding on the new accounts for this season (again at least 3-4 days). Hopefully we'll get some snow to plow. Go a hardsape seminar coming up. Possibly a web page to design?? Meeting w/ engineering firm to check on status of new shop to build. Oh yeah, I can hit the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a pop. And of course 2 nights of volleyball a week, and a few confirmed skiing trips. Spend my time at home w/ the 3 kids and dog:D .

    NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!!:angel:

  9. JimLewis

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    I understand your dilema. I kinda get the same thing in the winter. Actually, I am a little lazy all year. But in the spring and summer I just go to work regardless. I have to, we get swamped.

    Some of it has to be winter blues. It's just so dark and depressing outside. That never helps.

    But I prefer to call it Ambitiously Lazy. I was ambitious enough to build a big enough business so that my employees can work and I can be lazy. I worked hard for a while but now I can afford to be a tad more lazy.

    Anyway, I still get burned out in the winter. And I think that's all it really is. I used to be a recruiter in college and every summer most of the other recruiters would reach a point of burn-out. They'd just get sick of doing the work and start being lazy. Some would never come out of it and lose their position. For some reason, I never got it at that job.

    But I have with landscaping. I get it every winter about November. I just don't want to do anything. I'll have estimates to go give, other things I could be doing. But I just put them off for no reason in favor of a hundred other useless things. The good thing is that my employees are still working and making me money. So our income isn't effected. And I always eventually get to the things I need to do, just not as fast.

    I was burned out this year from about late October until Christmas Day. Then for some reason on Christmas Day I got the bug again and I've been puting in 40+ hours per week on productive work ever since. Good thing to because we've landed a bunch of good jobs and got off to an early start this year.

    I think one of the main reasons that I got the bug was that I took like 4 or 5 vacations in the last few months. I barely worked in Nov and Dec. I think I needed that time to just unwind and get my thoughts back in order from our busiest year yet.

    My advice (as long as you can afford it) is to travel, play nintendo, golf, don't do a damn thing. Then one day you'll snap out of it. It's always worked for me the last few years. Just this year I snapped early. :D
  10. Atlantic Lawn

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    This time of year we always bring our poles with us. Draggin' a 30 lbs Stripped Bass out of the Ocean during morning break makes work a bit more fun.

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