Can't get one blade off my ZTR...any other methods out there???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dklawncare, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. dklawncare

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    I am having a helluva time getting this one blade off my mower so I can put new ones on. I have a 52" Exmark Lazer Z HP.... I put the last set of blades on in the fall with the same tools (125psi Air Compressor with Air Impact Wrench....
    I have the other two blades off but I just can't get this one nut loose. I have tried heating the blade up with a torch, using a liquid penetrator, and liquid wrench. I even tried hitting a wrench with a hammer to try to loosen something. Anybody have any other methods? Or someone else have the same problem? Surely something has got to give....
  2. charlies

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    you could try an impact wrench on there, i would be careful about rounding it off though, then you would have a real problem. i am quite surprised the heat didn't work.

    you should use some kind of 'never-seize' type product on the blade bolts every time you change the blades. we have for almost a decade and never had a problem.
  3. specialtylc

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    Put a block of wood between the blade and deck to keep the blade from turning and hit that wrench with a sledge hammer or use a pipe on the handle. I guarantee it will come loose. And a word of advice, dont go torquing the blade bolts to 300 ft lbs. with that air wrench. Just tighten by hand. Most blades dont require more than 90 ft lbs.
  4. The Lawn Leprechaun

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    Are you wedging something between the other blades to keep them from spinning? I cant believe that the impact wrench wont get it off??? Try a larger wrench with some leverage i.e.(an old chain link fence post or something like that) on the end of the wrench and give it a try. Other than that I dont know what to tell ya!!
  5. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    If you use heat. Heat the nut and not the blade. Putting heat on the nut itself will expand it and may allow it to come off easier.

    A small amount of Anti Seize would have prevented the nut from freezing to the shaft.
  6. ealbertson

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    If none of the other ideas work, I would either burn the nut off with the torch or buy a nut buster to get it off.

    Good luck,

  7. dklawncare

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    Well, I don't know what to say.... I have never ever had this problem before.... Oh, and I did have enough sense to have a wood block preventing the other blades from spinning... however, I didn't put any anti-seize on the bolt... (learn something every day, unfortunately, sometimes the hard way)... my one thought is that why wont my air impact wrench that put on that bolt now take it off.... would switching to a higher air compressor take it off maybe??? any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.... (By the way, thanks for the tips you guys have already supplied, I sure will take them to heart....)
  8. ddthomas2

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    The most probable reason that the impact wrench that put it on won't take it off, it that you hit something with that blade. When the blades contact something while spinning, they tighten the bolt or nut that is holding them on.
  9. Runner

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    The problem is, is that it's a bolt on a Lazer, and not a nut. Therefpre, do NOT heat the bolt. I had a friend bring his mower (Lazer) over one day, because he couldn't get his bolt off. I used a breaker bar, and put a steel pipe over it that was about 6 ft. long. Also, the wood block in the deck to stop the blade is a NECESSITY. It'll come off. Definitely use some grease, or better yet, anti-sieze when putting these back on.
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