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Can't Make Up My Mind!........


LawnSite Member
Hey there guys, I'm still looking for the right ztr, so I've narrowed it down to:
1-Toro Z340-19 hp Kaw kai, 40" deck- 8 mph
2-Gravely 44Z-19 hp Kaw kai,44" deck- 8 mph
3-Exmark Lazer Z ct-1 18 hp Vanguard v-twin, 48" deck-7.2 mph
Most of our lawns are from 12-35,000 sq/ft, Help me out here boys!!


LawnSite Senior Member
The toro. I have a 52" deck w/23hp and I need more hp sometimes. The others the engines are too small for me. JMHO


LawnSite Senior Member
South Louisiana
Do yourself a favor. Get a TORO 23hp/48" Z-Master. (Z-453)


LawnSite Platinum Member
Atlanta, GA
some of those lawns are decent sized. I'd stretch the budget now and recoup it over time with better durability, power, resale value, and performance. I have a Gravely and an Exmark ZTR, and after some comparisons this year, I can now say the Exmark is the better mower in various ways, though the Gravely is adequate. One thing I hate is a mower that won't "do it all", and the Exmark mulches great and discharges great. They also have a wide assortment of OCDC's that new ones like the Toro or Gravely may not. The OCDC on my Gravely is an inferior design to several of the ones made for Exmarks.

What about a used prev generation Exmark Lazer hp 48 or 52"?


LawnSite Gold Member
We just paid 6997.00 for our Gravely 152M with a 23hp kawi. But if I had to choose between any of the ones you listed....Gravely, then Toro. IMO that hp is gonna be weak and you'll be kicking yourself in a month. Those engines do ok for a w/b but with running a heavier machine, hydro's, wheel motors your probably ending up with a 14-15hp engine to cut grass with. JMO.


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I have herd a ton of bad things about the Vanguard......

dont have any experance with them .....

just wanted to share