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can't please everybody?


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Cleveland, Ohio
I basically have 3 routes that I use for the customers that I cut. A full day for each route and none of the routes overlap. Last week on Thurs I had to skip 3 lawns because they were too wet. I figured they'd be too wet Friday too So I did my Friday cuts as scheduled. Saturday I had to utilize my weekend help to do scheduled clean ups. I'm finally going to get to them on Monday. they are all pretty understanding but also anxious.

I think you can see where this is going? How do you keep everybody happy? Do I need to re-evaluate my scheduling or is it a losing battle fighting things out of your control?

Any ideas? What do you guys do?
I have a few that gets water logged easily.
If the homeowner is not home.
Leave a door hanger or note explaining why the job could not be done and a expected date that you will check back. They will at least know you were their and have an idea as to when you will be back. Most people are understanding when it comes to such problems. What they do not like is a lack of communication.


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If I'm going to miss a cut or be more than a day or two late I call the customer to let them know why.
You can't beat the elements and Mother Nature allways wins. Most customers understand this but some will complain no matter what. It's in their nature to be a PITA. Keeping all of them happy is not possible ( I've never been able to keep them all happy all of the time ) so you just have be inventive and come up with alternate schedules to use when weather or equipment problems slow you down.