Can't stand the "competition"?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Cut-Rite2, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Cut-Rite2

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    I've been at this for 6 weeks and have 7 customers. I started working a subdivison today by handing out doorhangers. As I was going around, I noticed another LCO cutting at the house he was at, I didn't put a doorhanger there. A couple of hours later, I get a call from someone I initially thought was a customer, but then realized it was the LCO calling, pissed at me for doing doorhangers in his "territory" and that it was wrong to advertise to "his" customers. I couldn't get over the brass balls of this guy, pissing and moaning about some petty competition from me. You would think if his prices are fair and the service is reliable, he wouldn't have to be concerned about it. I replied by saying there was no law against free enterprise, and that I couldn't possibly know who "his" customers are.

    Has anyone else here had this experience, and how did you respond?
  2. pagefault

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    I've seen some guys working when I am handing out fliers. I stay a few houses away, in either direction. I'm paranoid that they will have one of their guys go door to door, pulling down my hangers and replacing them with his.

    I don't know what I would have told him, honestly. I think I would have apologized (even though I did nothing wrong) and left it at that.
  3. kc2006

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    i'd say pretty much what you said, basicly get bent. Theres nothing wrong with advertising around there, because people probably advertise around your clients. I didn't know we all had territories, I guess I claim the nice expensive homes that profit big money as my territory, stay the heck away! haha
  4. derek1

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    You know sometimes you have to put out a fire with a fire. Instead of telling this azz you are sorry, tell him that you did not know that he was working this neighborhood and maybe if he is overextended this summer you can subcut for him. If you are looking for work and your equipment not to sit maybe this will work? JMO
  5. pagefault

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    I would just try not to start a confrontation. As the new guy in town, I have very little fire with which to fight. The last thing I need is him sending one of his guys to replace all of my hangers with his when I leave. If he's pissed, let him think that he has won. If you want to try to pick up his extra work, that's great.
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi Cut-Rite2,

    All you can do, is keep moving forwards. You can't make everyone happy all the time. Don't give up.
  7. Houston's

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    i hate it when they see your lawn stuff out in the drive and still put a flyer just to be an ass :angry:
  8. Business is Good

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    If I come across a situation like that I'll try to stay friendly (pop more friendly medication pills lol). Heck, take it as a possible network situation and offer to take his overflow. Maybe work together and make more money.
  9. Cut-Rite2

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    I got a second call from an LCO in that subdivision all worked up about me putting doorhangers where he was working. As I explained to the first LCO, I skipped the house where he was working, and I can't possibly keep track of every property they do in one area. Hell, I'm just one person, and they act like I'm going to take all their business by putting out some doorhangers. I wonder why they feel so threatened. They act like they own a franchise on lawn cutting in there. Does Burger King tell McDonalds they can't sell burgers in their town?.....I doubt it! They can whine all they want, but I'm not going to let these people intimidate me. By the way, I put out some doorhangers in there today and already got one call for an estimate
  10. marko

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    If you do good work, you should not have to worry. Try to stay friendly, but dont waste a lot of time on these guys. If they keep hasseling you, pay a neighborhood kid to advertise every month in these neighborhoods. Add a service or find a nitch that these guys dont do and promote it. It's a free world and if you are in this neighborhood already, it's in your best interest to keep your route tight and get several on each street. Don't ever, ever ever bad mouth anyone to a potential customer. Just expand on the benifits of the customer going with you over anyone else.

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