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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by captbob, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. captbob

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    Anyone had have any thought on making a canvas tarp cover with bows to elavate 4 ft for my 5x10 open with 24 inch mesh sides . I kinda envision a simi
    trailer with a flatbed with metal bows and heavy canvas .Slip the bows into tubes and stretch a tight fitting cover over it and snap it down. Anyody made one ? I would like to have it for the rainy season here in florida All my
    racks are mounted on the inside of the trailer and will be below the canvas top.
    Thanks Capt Bob
  2. Prestige-Lawncare

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    Yep ... I had thought of this too, for anyone who uses an open trailer. I hope to go to an enclosed trailer this season, but if not, I plan on doing something almost exactly as you describe.

    What you have to watch for is on the front, you want it designed so that the wind will not get under the cover and tear it back. It really needs to come up from the front of the trailer, and then go back over the bows. If you allow the wind to get under it from the front ... as soon as you drive at even a low speed it will catch the wind and damage your tarp. It should be easy to bring it up, and then by folding down the corners (kind of like you do in wrapping a present) ... and then allow it to go back the length of the trailer. Be sure and use plenty of tie-down points to secure the tarp. Never, never underestimate the power of the wind.

  3. captbob

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    My friend works for Clear Channel a company that makes the roadside billboard signs and the material they use is a super heavy duty rubberized
    canvas with a built in ripstop the screwups or seconds are painted on one side but the back is blank so what if the inside looks like a billboard heck maybe they will screwup a hooters billboard and I could line my trailer top with that. I beleive I will use heavy conduit but not quite ridgid it bends well
    and I can give it a little arch for drainge all I need to match up is the pipe
    size to slip it into and weld er up I will put delrin zippers on the corners so I can roll it up when I need to and sew some velcro straps to hold it , You have a good point with the wind issue I have that considered marine turn
    fastners with the grommet I use em on one of the charter boats and you have to twist em to get em loose way stronger than regular pop type snaps.
    Thanks for the info
    The Capt
  4. twj721

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    You might go to a tarp mfg or dealer something like a rol over tarp system might work also but they will probably be pricey but would be top shelf for sure
  5. captbob

    captbob LawnSite Member
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    Hey got the frame built I have a buddy that has a marine salvage yard
    and he sold me a couple of used stainless Bemini top frames and I fit them to
    the top rail 4 of them on my 10 ft sidesWith cross members running the sides It came out well and is very sturdy .I will try and post some pics this weekend if I get the time. I will use Sumbrella material and have
    my upholstery guy sew it up after the holidays I will leave about a foot gap between the top and the rail to let air run thru at speed it will at least keep any direct rain from flooding my equipment and it all come off with 8 stainless screws.It's tall enough to walk under too.
    Merry Christmas
    The Capt
  6. twj721

    twj721 LawnSite Senior Member
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    when you get it finished how about posting some pictures of the completed project ? Merry Christmas

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