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  1. KPW LawnCare

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    Well I have a 2006 GMC Canyon regular cab 2wd I5 and have been using it for 2 years mowing. As of now it dose everything I have asked it to do and more. Well I have been thinking about getting another truck but am just having no luck what so ever at finding anything. Was looking for a Chevy/GMC 2500 4x4 rclb auto with under 150k miles and little body damage. Well thats like hitting the lotto. It aint gonna ******* happen! So I was thinking about getting another colorado/canyon but this time getting a 4x4 regular cab or ext cab and using that for manily mowing and maybe a little bit of plowing. Just looking to see if anyone else is doing this and if you lets hear some feed back.

    And please if your gonna come in here and bash me for using these trucks GTFO!
  2. Puddle of Oil

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    It took me 2 years to find the truck I wanted. If you look long and hard something will come up.

    If your gonna get another truck get at least a half ton, especially if your looking to grow.
  3. Layin Stripes

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    I have an 05 4 door 4wd its a pretty nice truck but isn't exactly what i would call a work horse. It has an exhaust, superchip, and oversized tires. I haven't had any problems with mine but i recently sold my Cummins and I'm really missing it when it comes to pulling a trailer. All i can really tell ya is they are great personal trucks but not much when it comes to working out of.
  4. mowerbrad

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    I was shopping for a truck, it took me roughly a year to decide on what I wanted and find the one that I liked.

    Don't settle for another Canyon if you really want a full size truck. The truck market is pretty high right now, but if you look around enough you will be able to find the truck you want.
  5. KPW LawnCare

    KPW LawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
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    True but i am not looking to be pulling a 20' trailer with 3 mowers on it
  6. Knight511

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    It really does depend on what YOU want. Currently, I can't even justify a truck at all for my work (pulling dual 21s with the extras doesn't weigh all that much). I don't plow (I don't think you can even buy one around here), but my only "fear" on the little truck would be the transmission/diff holding up to the added stress from plowing.

    If you want a small truck, by all means, get one... so long as it serves you how you need it and you aren't overstretching your financial means, you are doing okay. To get a truck like I want new, I would be looking at $35-40K for a "half ton" model... I am going to work on saving money to pay cash for an older truck (68-72 Chevy) to use in the light duty towing I need and to have as a project (my dream truck if you will)... kill off two birds with one stone!
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Would be hard to plow with a Colorado type and an I5 in it.
    I have a light V8 Dakota 4x4 and I wouldn't even think of putting a plow on that.
    Does great hauling mowing equip. though, no issues there.
  8. Dreamer88

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    I have had a Colorado. I dove it for my full time job and put 108,000 miles on it before selling it. It would pull anything I hooked to it. I now have a 2500HD crew cab that I will be putting a plow on. Sometimes I wish I would have gone back to a Colorado because of its size.
  9. 360ci

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    If you want to stay 'compact', get a Jeep Wrangler. Or, wait a year when they upgrade from the 202hp 3.8L V6 to the 290hp 3.6L V6. Solid front axles and in Rubicon trim you get the upgraded axles. The only problem is payload is low, so putting on a plow would have to be under 500lbs with mount depending on your weight to stay within the GAWR.

    My Durango R/T 5.9L still holds it's own after 11 years of abuse. From trails, towing, hauling, idling for a bush weekend, you name it. I wouldn't put a plow on it though, only because the front differential is the weak point when I throw on a 600+ pound plow. To offset the weight due to the shorter (117") wheelbase a hitch mounted salter would do the trick (250lbs filled). If I wanted to plow, I'd get at least a 3/4 ton to stay legal in terms of weight ratings.

    Just to let you know, the DOT and MTO here in Ontario are similar in the sense that if you run into someone with your truck and a plow on it even if it's not directly your fault, you can later be charged if it's found that you weren't within the proper weight ratings of the vehicle. Have fun with your insurance after that.
  10. KPW LawnCare

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    Not going big anytime. I am looking at just getting a 4x4 v8 or inline5 on one. I dont want anything bigger then that. lol

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