Capacity of an overloaded 10 cu ft wheelbarrow??

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, Mar 24, 2006.

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    We have a mulch job coming up where we need to keep track of how much mulch we use from a HUGE pile that customer already had delivered. There was a thread I saw here some time ago where someone had measured how much mulch a 10 cu ft 'barrow holds when loaded beyond the 10 cf capacity.
    Anyone ever measure this exactly? I'm guessing its around 12 to 13 cu ft but if anyone knows I'd appreciate your telling me...thanks
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    Well, given that we already know for certain there will be 10 cubic feet in the wheelbarrow, IMHO I would simply estimate the amount I have in there. I don't think its rocket science and while you could "shave" off the extra and measure it to give yourself peace of mind, I can't see a problem with eyeballing it. I can't imagine a customer even knowing you are doing that or getting in a twist about it.
    I do this when loading mulch out with the bucket on the skid steer, the buckets are wayyy overloaded (gotta move slow with them) and i call that a cubic yard more or less. I actually did dump it and measure it and it is for the most part right on the dot if you take a heaping bucket out of the mulch pile. Never had anyone complain yet about the amount of mulch they receive, I know what it costs me per bucket/yard using this method, so I'm covered.
    JMO but I would eyeball it for that small amount.
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    It has always been my understanding that a wheelbarrow size is measured by how much sand it can hold (heaped up). If that is correct, which I'm not entirely sure of as I do not remember the source of the information, then the answer would be only slightly more than 10 cf of mulch.

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