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    My Dad and I bought a struggling and dying landscape business about 5 years ago. Now we are the premier landscape company in Cheyenne, WY. Last year we partnered up with a former competitor that we always respected. It is the first time that kind of thing has happened in Cheyenne. It has really worked out. In this time of economic upheaval, we have managed to grow and do very well. Anyway, we just got our website up finally, It is our second one,because the first one was hacked.

    echinacea and bee.jpg

    detailed arbor.jpg


    natural pond and stream.jpg
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  2. Ben's Landscape

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    Nice work!! Can you PM me some tips on buying a landscaping business and the transition because some day I want to do that. Thanks. Good luck in '09!!!

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    I'm glad to hear that everything is going well for you. Welcome to Lawnsite.
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    go wyo!!!!:dancing:
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    I really like that last pic of the tree laying down. It makes it look really natural, good idea.
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    I was kind of wondering about that tree lying there :confused: I guess it is just part of the scenery. :waving:

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