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    Hello I'm new here and very glad to have found the site. I am looking for information on getting some small business financing or having an investor for operating and equipment capital for my growing operation in Central Texas. Any information will be appreciated. Thank you
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    personally, i think it is best to put your business plan together and visit with 2 or 3 local banks. (by local i mean in your general area, they can be large national bank chain)
    I'd start where you have your business checking account.

    if credit is a problem or if the banks dont want to do business with you for whatever reason try they will deal with a new company or one with little or no credit history. their rates are competitive and you can apply on line
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    Somebody help here...there is an organization made up of retired small business owners. Many times they have free or low cost seminars. I can't think of the name of the organization off hand. Here where I live, there is what they call the Small Buisness Developmental Center. They offer what I just mentioned. They will also council you one-on-one completely free of charge. I went to their low cost business plan seminar. They did most of the leg work already for you. They visited the top 15 banks and asked exactly what they wanted on a business plan. Also, if you have good credit, many mower maunfacturers have financing available. I purchased some of my chem app equipment through Lesco and used Sheffield's financing. Low rates and options to pay off with no finance charges. If you are trying to get free through government loans....forget it. Don't listen to Matthew's not there.

    Good luck
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    SCORE, should be listed in yellow pages or try your local chamber of commerce

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