Capping a concrete porch

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mbella, May 10, 2005.

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    Next week, we are starting a job in which we are removing an existing concrete walkway, installing an EP Henry paver walkway and capping a concrete porch. I have to veneer the front face of the porch. I am going to cut the rock face off of EP Henry Coventry wall (color to match the pavers) and adhere it to the face of the concrete porch. We have capped concrete stoops and porches, but I never veneered the face with the face of wall block. Has anybody ever cut the face off of wall block and used it as a veneer?
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    Expect a bit of waste depending on how fine the aggregate was to manufacture the block. A coarse mix crumbles easier than a finer mix aggregate.
    Use a wet table saw and keep the revs up, don't force it.

    Start at 1/2 the normal depth and see how delicate it is. Go thinner only if it seems sound.
  3. mbella

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    Treedoc, I am going to try to cut it at 1.5" thick and see how it goes.

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