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I am currently bidding on a large dealership...large blvd and a few nooks and crannies. The problem I see is that they park the cars on the front lawn. I was wondering if anyone has experience with dealerships and how you go about mowing under/around all the vehicles. Do you get them to move the cars so you can service it? I was just going to go around the cars and hope that they move them to different areas each week so it doesn't look too bad....seems like alot of trimming and you'll never get completely under the car. It'll look pretty bad when they move them. Any ideas?

Thanks Jeff


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Yeah, car dealerships are a pita. Your right, you cant get real close to the cars, and your trimmer dosent fit totally under them unless its a high suv. Also, they like you to blow off the cars when your done if you get any grass, dirt or dust on them. They usually dont move the cars until you request it.

Not saying you shouldnt go for the deal, just expect this.

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Jeff i cut 5 large chain car lots. What day are they closed? you can cut it when thier closed. Or you will have to ask them to move them. Watch out for flying rocks and windows.


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I would'nt mow it unless they moved the cars. It will look like S#$? and your most likely gonna hit, scratch, get dirt/grass on one of the cars. Pick a day each week and tell them the cars must be moved on that day.


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I mowed a dealership for several years. I usually mowed it early in the morning before they put the cars out on the front lawn.
Once in a while, I would mow it on Sunday when they were closed. I never left unmowed areas under the cars, as that looked bad and reflected on my work.:)

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Use to do 4 car dealerships when I was working for my exboss. I do work near them now but if one was to call I would not take the job same with gas stations more trouble then they are worth.

That said no one here seems to have mentioned the one thing that makes doing them efficient you have to be bagging the lawns when your doing dealer ships or your nothing but a hack. I read here about grass on cars and dirt and blowing them off not certain what they are doing but I never got grass on a car especially in a dealership bagging the lawn didn’t take longer infact it shaved 15 mins of clean up off each dealership per week. As for having them move the cars don’t. You need to train them not the other way around. When ever I asked to have a car moved it would take 20-30 mins to get a lot boy and the keys that’s ridiculous that’s costing me time. After they got missed a few times they got the idea and had them moved when they wanted too sometimes they were content to miss that part.


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I just got a Ford Dealer that is 1 mile from my house. They have a field that is about 2 acres where they park about 5 cars. Usually something cool like a big Super Duty, Mustang cobra, or a T-bird. The good thing about it is they have cement pads they park the cars on. So you never have to get close to them. The other cars that are in front of the dealer (on the turf areas) are on raised platforms. Everything else is in the lot out of the way.


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I would hate to do a car dealership, that is why I have never marketed to one. Just the thought of a stone flying up and hitting one of the cars makes me sick


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I'm not sure how it is in your neck of the woods - but let me relay a story to you as you ponder your bid. I have a full service building maintenance firm - (we get a zillion calls a month from car dealerships) - that want us to maintain their showroom floors because of the reputation that we have for making our floors look like glass. About 6 years ago we were doing 25 car dealerships - both large and small - and out of the 25 dealerships we did - NOT ONE of them paid their bills on time - NOT ONE !! I continually had my secretary on the phone calling reminding them that their payments were late and threatening cancellation of service if they didn't pay up. It got to the point where she was doing nothing but chasing after money at car dealerships - until one day I made the decision to cancel all car dealerships unless they pay a 6 month retainer. We service 10 dealerships on that basis and that is the only way I will even entertain taking on a car dealership. I have heard many other service contractors say how great car dealerships are as clients - but I can't. We have been asked many times to take on their lawn care - but we refuse to do so - unless they do a 6 month retainer on that as well. If you do decide to bid - set your price high and expect late payments.

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