carb has engin oil in it

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    i have a 15.5 hp b/s in my rider mower it was running fine but when i put it under a load .lots of smoke then stall out took off air cleaner found crank case oil in carb it coming up a breather tube in the air cleaner assembly i checked the amount of oil a little over full so i drainer it and filler to the correct amount cleaned the carb and trieded it again same problem . is there a clogged vent other than the one to the air cleaner /to much blow by . any info would be helpful
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    That vent hose is conneted to the crankcase breather on the side of the engine,There are 2 screws holding the breather in place.
    Remove the breather and turn it up,There is a hole with a brown disc inside.
    Take your finger and lightly tap on the brown disc it should have a springy feel to it (it wont move much) so look closely,If it doesn't spring back up that could very well be your problem. Replace it with a new one.

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