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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Labdog, Mar 28, 2004.

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    First post and this really is a great site! Very informative.

    My question is--I swapped a craftsman motor on my riding lawnmower with a Briggs & Straton motor. Now the B&S motor is a 14HP and all went well except 1 small problem. The B&S motor is having problems running. It wont start so i sprayed a little carb cleaner in it and it kicked over and ran so its okay electrically. Here is a kicker. After the second time of starting it this way it ran for roughly 5 minutes so obviously it started getting fuel but then it died out. Would not start again for nothing and 2 days later it did the exact same thing. There is fuel in the sediment bowl so i am sure its getting fuel so it was time to clean the carb. I cleaned the card and here is the problem i found. (possibly( CARB was real dirty and after putting it back it did the same thing as mentioned before))

    The main jet holding the sediment bowl has a device? with a wire on it. I have never ever seen this before and everyone i ask says they have no clue. Can someone please tell me what this is and what it does. It has a wire that attaches to another wire that is piggy backed with the wire that feeds 12V to the headlight circuit. I assume it needs 12V but not sure. I do not have the owners manual for this model craftsman that it came from but any help would be great. If this helps the Engine info is B&S Model# 303777 type# 0015-02 It came from a craftsman mower Model# 917.254940 6spd 38" cut. If anyone has info from an owners manual that would be great as well.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    What you are describing as a main jet on the bottom of the bowl sounds like a fuel solenoid. It does need 12 volts to operate. There is a needle in the solenoid the retracts when 12 volts is applied and allows fuel to enter the main jet. Without the 12 volts applied, the needle closes off the fuel going into the carb. Which also explains why the engine will run on carb cleaner for a little while and then die. Once it has burned off the carb cleaner,there is no more fuel getting to it. The fuel solenoid should be wired in through the ignition switch so when you turn the key on, it opens the fuel solenoid and allows fuel into the main jet.
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    As soon as i read this i went and wired it up to the switch in the accessory on (12v) and walla...........She is running like a champ!

    I never have seen one of those solenoids like that before.

    Thanks soo much for the reply and confirmation on the needing of 12 Volts! Thanks soo much!

    Now to get a belt that will be a little tighter and i should be pretty good for the spring time!

    Thanks again.........
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    Your very welcome. I do aim to please.

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