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Carb Help


LawnSite Member
saline mi
Hello, I have a craftsman mower with a cv15s kohler 15.5 motor on it but it will not run. If I put small amount of fuel in the Air Filter housing then it will start but only for a second. I have checked the fuel bowl there is clean fuel in it but when i start it no fuel goes into carb. I don't know whats wrong please out.


LawnSite Member
Your Jet is gummed up/ blocked. The bowl may be clean, but there is debris/varnish in the jet, emulsion tube, etc. If you feel up to the task, take off the carb and clean it out, or take it to the dealer.

DT Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Grand Rapids, MI
These carburetors are very easy to work on, I have 4 of these Commands and they are my favorite type of motor. I have rebuilt these carbs several times. You need to pull the air filter and cover off, then pull the carb, remove the choke and throttle linkages. Remove the bowl, then pull out some Carb Cleaner (aerosol can) and spray it all around, make sure to get it down your jets. Then blow all around and down the jets with compressed air. Re-assemble and it should work fine. If you have not already done so, I would also check your spark plug, should be a Champ RC12YC or similar brand. Good Luck