Carb Needle in Sutech Stealth


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I have a sutech stealth WB with a 10.5 B & S motor. I bought it used last year and since then I have had some carb problems. THree times in around 500 mows the carb needle didnt close correctly and was stuck open. It basically floods the engine with gas and I have taken it in for repair each time. The first time was a $150 repair, second time free because it was 2 weeks after that. The 4th mow of this season the samet hing happened.

A few questions about it;

Is this something I can repair on my own? I dont like taking it in and having to spend the money and going a week without the mower.

What does this mean for the mower as it seems to be a chronic problem? When I bought it, the guy said he just had a new carb put on it. Looking back on it now, maybe he was experiencing the same problems.

Thanks guys.


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Both engine model and type numbers would be helpful.....

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3 times in 500 mows is gonna be hard to nail down....can't fix them if they ain't broke...$150 will more than buy you a new carb....use the fuel shutoff when not using or transporting the mower.
Got them engine #'s yet?.....
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