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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by stevenf, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Looking for a carbon copy printer online. I usually have two service agreements signed. Would be nice to have my forms printed on carbon copy paper.
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  2. greg8872

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    For the cost difference anymore, you can get paper for inkjet/laser printer that is carbonless:

    You will probably want to either have a dedicated printer for this, or a second paper try you can swap out. I'd vote for first option, then no chance forgetting, or someone in office accidentally & printing on it, plus then you can set the print driver for that printer to default to 2 copies.

    I like Brother printers (can find them on sale pretty cheap). I do also recommend going with on that does actually have a tray.

    The only problem with this, unlike pin fed paper for dot matrix, the pages won't be "attached" to each other (get some paperclips).

    On the side of a dot matrix printer, you need to look for ones that PUSH the paper, not pull it (i think just about all of them are this way now though). Also, while you will be printing just one copy, it will be slower, and any graphics (unless you pay more for re-done paper) will be a lot less detailed.

    (that site I linked to also sells dot matrix paper as well)


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