Carcass Removal Pricing???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Phishook, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. Phishook

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    OK Boys. Got a phone call this morning from a long time client making sure I was going to make it up his way to mow.

    "Sure will, we are on our way right now." I told him.

    "But wait a minute, " he replied, "there is a dead deer at the end of my driveway I would like for you to carry it across the highway."

    I thought to myself, "What a @#$%ing nut!" And then said "sure."

    Got to his place about an hour later, sure enough a deer with it's back side turned inside out. It was a pretty large animal, we had no idea how to go about carring it across a busy highway.

    We ended up tying the tie down straps around it's front leggs, waited for the traffic to clear and pulled like hell.

    I'm sure we looked like idiots, but he ended up being happy.

    How would you charge for this? Debres removal? No charge?

    I've tossed some racoons and squirrles out before, but this took about 15 min.
  2. scottb

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    I would say as much as you want cash up front.
  3. We call dept of game and wildlife.

    This way no problems with out of season BS.

    Also so we don't have to deal with it.

    They take donations though, leave it to the customer.

    And yes we have called a few times.

    They came once and asked if the could through it in the creek and put lime and gypsum on it.

    Customer said they did not want the smell or to see it.
  4. ohiolawnguy

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    Gee, that's an interesting question. I suppose if it were me, I wouldn't charge them,(now if they wanted you to bury it, then I would charge them) but I would call animal control about it. So that they could remove the carcass later on.

    I dunno. I guess you could charge them some money. That is well above and beyond the call of duty. ten or twenty bucks, depending on how much you charge to maintain the lawn right now.

    I buried a customer's dog once. I just couldn't see charging her for that, even though funeral homes and cemtaries charge for this same thing.
  5. Albemarle Lawn

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    If you remove carcasses, etc, next he will ask you to paint his shed because he will think you can do it cheaper than a painter.

    Tell him to call his plumber to remove the deer, it would be about as appropriate as you removing it.


    NO ODD JOBS!!!!!!

  6. Tim Baden

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    If they are a really good customer and have treated you right in the past and it's only going to take you 10-15 min.why not do it.Charge them, little or nothing.It doesn't hurt to go out of our way.I remember plowing
    a elderly couples drive for free then spent time talking to them.
    THe whole thing took 15-20min of my day.When I left I really felt good
    about myself.The rest of the day went great.
  7. lawnworker

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    Next time refer them to Animal Control. Around here they are responsible for large dead animals. They will use lime somtimes to kill the smell and haul the carcass off to burn or bury. No way in the world would I do this for my cleints.
  8. the point man

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    I don't know if I'd do it or not, but I would definitely charge the
    customer if I did.
  9. Phil Egnatz

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    I Have removed dead bunnys and squrals and i charge twice what i charge hourly for a deer 15 min $30 normal deer 60$ hr
    15 dollars would do it for me

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