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Lansing IL
Anyone like vista print cards,i have a plain type white card with a tree and mower on the sides but i seen two that i want to look into getting there landscaping cards.


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Terre Haute, In
I too use Vista Print. My card is my own design, but U can see it in my signature. They have the foil accents. I also have a coupon on the back of each card for new clients to take advantage of. I have had several compliments on the cards and there design. Vista Print is cheap, and usually give some discounts and little freebie when I order.
However I have used there mailing service in the past, and I will say that I wont use that any more. I had designed postcards, purchased a mailing list from them and had them take care of the mailings for me. However i recieved a few calls complaining that the card was sent in a deceased faimily members name:hammerhead:. So that was a lesson learned lol make sure my mailing lists are up to date before purchasing :laugh:


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Charlestown, RI
I use the biz cards, truck signs, and Christmas cards I generally wait for the free offer, so you jus pay for shipping, I also put the magnetic cards in the Christmas cards this year, and send them out with invoices half way through the summer.