Care of V-Box Spreaders


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How do you care for a v-box spreader?<p>This is how I care for mine. My trucks with the v-boxs all get cramed into the shop before and after a storm, if i need room i take them off during the day. I take each truck in one at a time, let it set for 20 mins or so, during this time the ice can melt and the slush will start to run off, then i will raise the body of the truck, and start to was the v-box and the body of the truck. When i am done i will put dirt bike chain oil on the chain, and grease all the fittings with water resistant grease, even my plow pins get greased every year with water resistant grease. Then let let the truck dry inside or out side depending on the temperature. <p>I have the 650 out tonight on my private roads, because the 40 MPH winds drifted the snow back into the roads. The parking lots haven't drifted back in, because of all the slush on the snow bankings.<p>Geoff