Careful around water

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Although I don't understand how this could have happened is beside the point.
    It is never a good thing when someone dies from a tragic accident like this. It just kinda hits home when it's another LCO. My prayers are with his family.
  3. LawnBoy89

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    That's too bad. It's also too bad that I have no idea how it could have happened...
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Probably just got just too close, slid in and mower fell on him. It poured, hard and heavy this afternoon.
  5. Scapegoat

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    Yeah, sounds like he got pinned down by the mower. Only way I figure they would have found him fully submerged.

    Poor guy. :angel:
  6. mowtech

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    Unfortunately, the truth is there have been many accidents that have resulted in death and serious injury using ride on mowers, especially Z mowers. I know as I have sadly investigated many of these accidents. Yes Z mowers are very stable and not prone to tip over. Unfortunately this gives you, the operator a false sense of security and I can attest that most of these accidents occur in areas that do not appear to be inherently dangerous. The first thing to consider is that these machines are very heavy and the typical roll over occurs in less than 2 seconds. Trust me, in most cases; you will not have time to bail out regardless of the control arms. Once over you will be trapped under the machine. The weight bearing on you will not only prevent you from escape, it will crush you and you will be unable to breath. It does not matter if you are in water--within five minutes you will most likely be dead. That is if head injuries had not already killed you.

    How do these rollovers occur? There are several ways, most, but not all involve drop offs. Some real examples: An operator backed into a 2 foot drainage ditch while trimming. Result, machine tipped over backwards, operator died. An operator mowing beside a four foot deep hole, ground gave way. Result, machine tipped over, operator died. In both cases operators had mowed these areas many times without incident. There are many similar cases.

    Another very important thing to remember is that Z mowers are controlled through traction. Loss of traction results in loss of control. Loss of control of course can result in accidents. If you lose control and slide down a hill and hit something or drop into water, the machine can tip over. AND IT DOSEN'T REALLY MATTER HOW CLOSE YOU WERE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL OR THAT WATER WHEN YOU STARTED.

    There are many cases of operators mowing near rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes, sliding in, tipping over being traped and drowning. Again, these occurred too quickly for them to jump off¬óless than 2 seconds. One case I know an operator was mowing a flat area along a river. A slight depression was all it took.

    ROPS are being put on Z mowers for a reason.

    I know ROPS can be a pain, but before you decide to take them off, please make sure you understand the risks, that you believe you can never make a mistake, and that you are certain (impossible) that you can recognize every unsafe condition that exists out there. Believe me; these accidents occurred with operators who were just as experienced and smart as all of you. I do not enjoy looking at pictures of dead people.
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    It said he died at the hospital . Must have been something like head trauma or a heart attack .
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    ROPs would not work in most of my yards as I stated before. 5 years of owning a Z(before that belly mowers) and havent come close to turning it over.
    You just always have to be alert and super careful. Never ever take chances.
    I never take a Z close to a dangerous area's where if it did slip etc the error could be fatal and/or risk injury. YOu may be lucky many times but there is that one time that could be disasterous. Areas near lakes/ponds can be soft. So get off and walk the area and check it out or stay away. You have to use good judgment about what kind of incline your mower will take and/or ask somebody who does know.
    When in doubt use a belly more if possible and safer or dont take the job.
    ROPS would require you to stay away from low limbs and therefore leave lots more trimming
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    seatbelt may have got him stuck.

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