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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CrystalCreek, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Anyone ever use a cargo mate trailer. I am looking at them and was wonder if good or bad. I need a snow mobile trailer, and it seems like my trailer options are limited. Cargo mate was one of the best looking trailers with the most desirable features. I got a quote of $6100 for a 23 foot inline two place trailer. It is dual axles, with the body set down like a landscpe trailer. V nose front, with ramp door. LED lights, four wheel brakes, adjustable height coupler. Any imput is welcome. Thanks.

    Sled head for life:weightlifter:
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    I have an 05' CargoMate Econo Hauler. Its the 7x14 with the V nose. They dent easily, they aren't up to commercial use, they use spring leaf axles, and have an overall cheap feel.

    You are right they are one of if not the best looking trailers around. For snow mobiles I think you will be just fine. I think its just because the Econo line is the affordable model so they skimp on things like torsion axles and thicker metal walls.
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    Yeah I thought no one was going to answer. I have a friend:laugh::laugh: I think I will go with the cargo mate as it will only be towed a few times a year. It seems like it was built much better then the econo line up. Hope I wont be disapointed. Thanks for the input.:weightlifter:
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    junk for commercial. broke the tongue right off in two years.

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