Cargo Truck or Open Bed for Maintenance???

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BeautifulBlooms, Aug 29, 2007.

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    We are a growing landscape maintenance company. Most of our work comes in the form of landscape maintenance including trimming shrubs, pruning, weeding, deadheading flowers, planting annuals and bulbs, mulch applications, pesticide application to lawns and landscapes, lawn mowing, etc. We also fill in around our full season maintenance with small landscape installations, mostly planting, putting in edging etc.

    Right now we have two Chevy Silverado 1500's one crew cab, one regular cab, both long box open bed trucks. We are considering our options and for maintenance it just seems ot make sense to use a cargo box truck to store all of the tools used on a regular basis along with pesticides and chemicals and sprayers and blowers, etc. Does anyone else have any comments about this?

    We are getting a dump trailer this fall, and we currently have another trailer that can haul 5 yards of mulch at a time it just doesnt have the dump capability, so it can be used for hauling plants and supplies, as well as tree and shrub pruning and debris. so the truck would simply be stocked with all the tools regularly used by the maintenance crew.

    Anyone use the cargo trucks, I like to call them box trucks (like a uhaul or ryder rent a truck).
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    We have a Hino truck with a 16ft box that we use to haul our maintenance equipment. It is so much easier than working out of a pickup and pulling a trailer and everything is out of the weather. We have a Supreme box on our truck they make open and enclosed landscape bodies.
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    I don't know how you guys get by without having any dumps in your fleet as a maintenance company. Everytime I travel cross country I get a kick out of all the companies that just run pickups. I can see it for cutting grass if you don't bag, but how do you get by with all your maintenance as far as hauling debris from a site? Mulch or topsoil without a dump must be horrible. :confused:
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    I have a Isuzu for sale 16ft box 5ft dove tail with ramps call me 615 300 8361
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    I drove a E 350 Ford van with a 12 ft box body for 12 years. It was great for carrying WB and everything else to do maintenance to putting a full size 200 gal sprayer to flowers and mums. You can set it up with home made racks to carry alot of flowers. You could get it with a low body that has wheel wells, which is great for loading and unloading you equipment to a flat floor with a higher body. If you order one, the body can be custom made to height if you have a problem with low clearances, mine was at 10 ft to clear a car port. The van would have a shorted wheel base then the cab over style which can be of help when you don't want a massive truck in front of some ones lawn.
    The only draw back, low overpasses and tree limbs that stick out into the road :hammerhead:
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