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Cargo Van or Cargo enclosed Trailer


LawnSite Member
upstate ny
Hi guys, Just wondering everyones opinion on Cargo Van or enclosed trailer for a landscape lighting only business. Any input on pros and cons would be great. Our first year we had only a new Suv type Truck. Next year either a matching black Logo'd-up enclosed trailer or Van for installs,service, and Demo's.


LawnSite Gold Member
coastal NC
depends on how u operate....
trailers are convenient becuase they can be left on site and helpers can work out of them. also if u use your truck as a personal vehicle the trailer is the way to go...but they are something else to maintain.. can be harder to maneuver,etc....

i would go with the trailer.. this way if u need to leave the job for a material run your helpers can still have the trailer to work out of.